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Summary: I'm a person, I promise.


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Gender: Both

Age: I've been here on and off for awhile...

Group: Both

Preferred Genres

Fantasy, Sci-fi, Historical, basically whatever isn't modern.

Writing Style Comments

I tend to be quite particular about details, even small ones, and making sure that a story makes sense and is feasible.

I would also call myself a "plot person" in the sense that I like to have the ability to write a story and influence the plot, not just be a part of an ongoing story.

Participation Motivation

Ongoing Worlds is a creative outlet for me. I like being able to create stories with other writers.

OW Comments/Concerns

I believe that there are a lot of things that Ongoing Worlds does really well, like allowing people to create games with a decently organized format with individual character profiles. I do wish that there were more communication options available, such as Private Messaging as seen in a lot of forums, and it would be nice to be able to make sub-games within larger games so that certain narratives would be easier to follow.

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