Games archive and deletion

Hello all,

I hope someone reading this can help.

I have looked everywhere on the site and I cannot see any policies or rules on how inactivity of a game affects its chances of getting deleted. There seem to be games that don't even have 1 single post and are still around and on the other hand you have games that go inactive for a little while and get deleted without anyone taking in consideration other factors.
One of the best games I have ever been involved in OW or anywhwere else (an award winning game no less) has just been deleted, while I can see games that have never even had 1 single post since creation still available on site...

Is there an archive for games? Is the process of deletion automatic or done by someone? If this is done automatically is it because of how the site works or lack of manpower? Should there be a warning for game moderators before this is done? Should there be a warning and an explanation somewhere on site on this feature on the site for all content creators to be aware of? Or is there something like this somewhere but just not very clear where?

Thank you in advance for anyone who can offer some explanations...

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