OOC - Aeran and Zancrom

Ender poping up, and I come to speak about two games, Dark Age of Aeran and a spin-off game, Kingdoms of Silver and Blood. Of course let's talk about the bigger one, Dark Age.

Many older players remember the great game created by Silvercloud, Two Kingdoms. There have been three games that came from them, Village of Warfall(which many have bad memories of due to some mod difficulties and personal problems), Engines of Chaos, and Dark Age of Aeran.

Now over the past year, Dark Age has expanded on the stories and lore of Aeran, tales of old and new have arisen. However, I feel like something is missing. Many players might be scared or grudges to past experiences and cpuld be the reason the playerbase hasn't quite grown. So, leading the charge, Nim, Rosmary, T4HJ, D2winter, Thaen LSP, and myself have been working on a welcome page, much like the one used by the game, Old World.

This page is to be a bit more friendly to newer players, I been more of a background player during TK and Warfall, but with Dark Age, I've been more interactive. I would love to see the player base of Dark age grow, to see all kinds of stories, with characters old and new. Trust me when I say, the plotlines are huge. Some of you may have noticed them as well, and I hope more players join this epic game.

Now with the big thing out of the way, I like to introduce a spin-off game I created with the aid of LSP and Rosmary, and lore being worked on with Thaen as well. So I present to all of you, a brand new land waiting for growth, Kingdoms of Silver and Blood takes place south of Aeran in the continent called Zancrom. Zacrom has two land masses and is homed to famed kingdoms mentioned such as Achaea and Merovignia mentioned in Aeran games. We want to expand on the world of the TK universe, so why not do so by going to another land, where new ideas, lore, and stories can be built from the legendary universe. I also hope to see what new and old players of OW bring to the table of this sorta, fresh start.

I think that's all I had to share, have a great day!

Enderslayer out

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