New Games in October 2021

Newest games on OW:

Twilight of the Black Order
Newest creation by OW regular D2wintr. No info about it but seems to be some sort of spin off/crossover with Dark Age of Aeran.

Star Wars Saga (123-231 ABY)
Another Star Wars game. This one on the story of Inferno from birth to death and his rivalry against Darth Girth. (Guess he dies in the end. :-D )

This one is being put together by another OW regular avenuewriter
Interesting to see where this one goes being 2021 and all.

Brain child, but secretive game, by the amazing duo of Blitzen and Winters. Pretty curious what this one might be about but guess we will be kept in the dark on this one.

XAB- X-Men: A New Beginning
This one might actually not be a new game. But one simply looking for a new home in OW. Let's hope it is more successful than other "hero" titles in OW.

Jurassic World: Extinction
This one seemed interesting but might have died on the beach...

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