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Summary: Indeed!


Gender: Female

Age: GASP!

Group: Both

Preferred Genres

I'll play almost anything! I love Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk (My particular fav! Really this underrated genre so much!).

Writing Style Comments

I played in a variety of styles! I like to think of myself as highly adaptable from rapid-fire moderate posts too long form short stories. I played highly structured games where plots and laid out well in advance to just winging it! But no matter the format I enjoy collaboration no matter the style.

Participation Motivation

I'm a long time player of PBEM and PBF styles of games and OW seem perfect with an amazing player base! Having mostly played on Yahoo Groups then moved to so OW is a very new format for me!

OW Comments/Concerns

The only thing I find weird is how each post is its own post as opposed to a reply from the prior post and keeping/maintaining the post title. I noticed it can be a bit more difficult keeping track of a post/story arc.

It's not bad just different!

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Image of Winters
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