OOC - Winning Quote

The winner this time around is none other than LargeHobbit, nominated by Winters. Here we have another quote from Machine God .

"Boris?" he whispered gently shaking the big man. "Boris can you hear me?" Boris groaned and after a moment opened his eyes. He smiled,
"Hello Mr Sam." he said in tired voice and then looking over Sams shoulder, "Perhaps now we tell him yes?"
Sam frowned as the voice of Tina came from behind him, "Yes, I suppose we must."
Sam turned to see her standing there. His Tina. He checked the program and it was still closed, the controls were off, she should not be there.
"I am not going to like this am I?" he asked.
"No." she smiled down at him, "No you will not like this at all."

Sam, Boris and Tina

Machine God
Games End

Large Hobbit’s has a propensity for being ominous. You can almost hear the maniacal laughter of player in this quote alone …
Having followed these three on their.....interesting..... relationship, I loved the dark implication this post gave. Keep up the wonderful work LargeHobbit!

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