OOC - New Idea, help

Hello Everyone, Enderslayer here... again. I have a new idea for a game, but this time I'm not going to do it alone, I'm swallowing my pride, (Like I had any) and asking help. I have the basics for the game, but the the details. So I'm going to ask help from all of you. The Idea I have,(So far) is a steampunk monster hunter game, (Like Van Helsing.) I will create the whole base of the game, but if any, (And I mean anyone) wants to help build the world of the game, the I will make you a moderator of the game so we can make it together. Also I have no idea what to call it, (Leave me alone about how I can't even come up with a name) so it's anyone's game. Well that's all I have to say, Enderslayer is out, back in the hole I go again.


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