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Shadow Passing


Kespin scurried away from the Jotun and Dyvia burst out laughing.

"He had that coming." she chortled.

"We are heading to Treno to pick up supplies." Balar offered, but it was clear from the giants expression that more would be expected.

"From there we head to the Elmir Mountains." Tiella filled in.

"That is a dark journey." Erik mused, "Why would you wish to set out on such a journey?"

Luna stirred once more in Eriks arms, "The Harlequin," she murmured, "We are sent by the Harlequin."

"What did she say?" Dyvia asked

Erik stopped, staring at the elf. Then slowly looking at Tiella with a rising fury, he spoke," What business have you with the false god?"

"Odins breath," Majvok blurted out, "she even causes trouble when she is unconscious."

"Be quiet thief." Balar growled.

Dyvia and Kespin were listening also now. This was the first they had heard of Harlequins involvement in their current predicament.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he sent the trolls." Majvok went on ignoring Balars warning.

"The trolls of course," Dyvia said he eyes wide open, "Everything happened so fast bakc there but I remember now the trolls were fighting on your side."

"What is this trickery?" Roared Erik.

Tiella raised her hands in supplication and stepped in front of the angry Jotun.

"No trickery," she cried out, "it is as the elf girls says we are bound by an oath to follow his command, at least in this task. We have no love for him."

"In fact when this business is done we have a mind to kill him."

Now I was Majvoks turn to act surprised, this was the first he had heard of the agreement between Balar and Luna.

"He has demanded three deaths to be delivered at our hands and upon the third death we are free of him."

"There is much to discuss." Dyvia growled, "can I suggest we get to this cave of yours and do so over a hot meal."

"Aye, the dwarf at least has a sound mind" Erik stormed towards the cave, easily out pacing to the others.

"The cave is just over this hillside here."

He dumped the groups supplies hastily at the cave mouth, but still taking care of placing the elf gently. "From the sound of it, the three of you aren't a part of this."

Then he walked down to the tree line to gather firewood.

Luna blinked she looked around the cave.

"Balar Majvoc are you ok?" She looked around for her staff. “Where is my staff? Please tell me Kespin has not touched it.” She needed to call the shadow to help Balar and Majvoc.

"Thank the gods you are well." Tiella breathed as Luna came too.

Majvok rolled his eyes but said nothing. Tiella reached over passing the elf her staff.

"I thought it best to keep it safe and away from curios hands." she glanced at Kespin but the old man seemed oblivious to her accusation.

"Thank you." Luna said.

"Perhaps we should wait for Erik to return before trying to summon your... magic to remove it's curse."

"how many times must i tell you," she snapped, "it is not a curse."

"Well it sure as hell is not a blessing." Majvok scoffed.

Erik walked back to the cave mouth to see the group had effectively made camp, a fire was made and supplies were being checked.

Although having cooled his initial rage, he still glowered at the half elf and the two men. Casually dropping a bull cave bear near the flickering fire, he spoke to the dwarf," I will return with wood.", Then walked back towards the trees.

Among the pine, he was able to find a small amount of peace, sitting on a tree trunk he had cut down. Grabbing a handful of dirt and moss, he gently squeezed it into his major wound, restraining a yell while spouting many curses. Releasing the pressure, he further inspected his body, most of the scratches were fine, none to severe to be any problem. There was still the bite wound, which now was bright red from infection, though the moss was helping cool it and manage the pain.

"After I give them the wood, I could leave. My debt to them will be repaid.", He considered this as he talked to himself. Then he remembered Tiella mentioning their true intentions after fulfilling their obligations. Could it be possible to kill the false god? As a demigod he was still a powerful foe, but did that mean he could be killed?

He chose to see how things played out when he returned, besides he thought, hefting the tree on his good shoulder, it looked like he would need that healing any way.

A shadow loomed over the cave entrance as Erik returned. He stooped as he entered and skirted round the edge of the newly lit fire to sit towards the rear of the cavern where there was more room.

"You are awake." He said nodding towards Luna.

Tiella moved towards him,

"I promised healing will you accept it?"

He did not answer but instead turned slightly to offer his wounded arm towards her. She drew her dagger and allowed the energy to flow into her body keeping a tight reign on its flow. She reached out and grasped the giants arm just below the wound and he did well not to wince in pain. Straight away she could feel the throb of infection taking hold and she released the daggers energy into Erik.

"I apologise for my anger, I have lived long enough to know not to trust the false god." Erik stared at the cave wall as Tiella completed healing his wound.

Dyvia was sifting through her things, finding as comfy a spot as could be found.
"Honestly, I don't care your reasoning, you're all cursed, except the giant and the old whack job. Once we make it to the city, I'm out."

“We are not cursed. Now be quiet I have work to do” Luna snapped.

She quietly went to work summoning the shadow so it could heal Balar and Majvoc. She struggled, still not fully recovered from the fight, but eventually she was able to reach the shadow.

It rose out of the darkness behind her. She turned and looked at it. “You said you could help my friends?” She asked.

The shadow looked around. “Are they truly your friends?” it asked.

"Oh we're best friends." Majvoc answered, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"By Fenrirs hairy arse do you ever stop." Balar growled at Majvoc who just smirked back.

The Shadow remained silent listening to their exchange and Luna shook her head in disgust. It was Tiella that broke the silence,

"The answer is yes." she said, "We are her friends. My husband and I risked our lives to help her when we saw her in trouble in our tavern and even Majvoc here has fought at her side. He may have the manners of a dog, but none of us would be here if not for the true aim of his arrows."

"Well shadow, or what ever you are, what will it be?" Growled Balar, he removed his glove to reveal the snaking shadows writhing around his wrist and arm. Can you remove this mark from us?"

Dyvia looked up to see he shadow Luna had conjured.

Not overly shocked given what she had seen in the last day or two, she moved towards he back to stand near the Jotun.

"I have no idea whats about to happen, but I figure you're the safest place right now."
Erik made no comment, merely taking in the current events.

At length the shadow spoke again."Listen... the mark you bear is a protective spell placed upon the staff to protect it from Luna's enemies. Before it is released you must swear not to harm her.” The shadow reached out towards Balar with one hand and to Majvoc with the other.

Kespin dove behind a nearby tree when the shadow popped into the camp.
He pushed himself against the trunk to hide, holding his breath. Contemplating if he ran into the forest, could he get away? Has anybody escaped Shadow folk?

"A shadow.... here?" He noticed the shadow magic emanating from his fellow travellers, but he didn't know they communicated with actual Shadows!

Then he heard Luna's voice and suddenly his panic, started to turn to curiosity.
He carefully peeked out from behind the tree and saw them conversing with the entity.

"Amazonings," he said to himself. " a Jotun and now a Shadow...", his eyes were open wide staring at the scene before him. An excited giggle came from him as he felt it was okay to come back to hew new travel companions.

Kespin moved close to the fire and started thumbing through the pages of his book using the little light to read. Occasionally he would look up at the party talking to the shadow, then look down at his book again turning more pages. He then would glance over at the Jotun and Dyvia, then look down at the book turning pages and reading again.

Erik and Dyvia couldn't help but notice his odd behavior. The third time seeing him staring their way they both asked in unison "......What?"

At that moment Kespin looked back into the pages of the book smiling and whispering to himself. "ha ha, Amazonings and more Amazonings! Lucky Kespin, this will be a fine journey, yes indeed."

"Alright, the old man just got more weird, I am liking my seat decision even more now." Dyvia had been watching Kespin look through his book for some time, Erik eventually getting in on it as well.

What made it weird was that he wouldn't stop looking at them. While everyone else was awesome by the shadow, he seemed purely focused on those two.

When asked about it, he merely mumbled to himself and continued.

Dyvia didn't like the feeling of it,"He looks at me one more time and I'll hit him and burn the damn book." Erik sighed deeply, looking at her with a slight smile," Isn't so funny now that he is staring at you too?" He let out a small chuckle.

Dyvia punched the giant in the leg, though she could see the humour in it, she still didn't like it.

"Just watch the damn shade, you giant ass!"

Balar stared at the shadow trying to fathom what is was. Did Luna serve it or it her. It appeared that it could act independently of her and it seemed... protective. He had never seen magic like this before. However, the bargain was a simple one as he had no desire to harm Luna. He glanced towards Tiella and she urged him on with a nod.

"Done." He said reaching out.

"Why not." Majvoc said offering his own shadow ensnared hand.

The spell was removed from their hands and the shadow disappeared.

Luna saw the quizzical look on Balar’s face. “The staff allows me to borrow the shadows powers, they are their own separate entity. They live between the worlds. I have the ability to communicate with them. For that they trust me with here power.”

She was trying to explain it to them. However she did not quite understand it herself.

"Wow," Erik was impressed by the elf's relationship with this shadow, he knew many that had failed in this endeavor.

Dyvia was impressed as well, more so on the staff though. To make a weapon like that would make her legendary.

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