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Dungeons and Dwarves

"Come on, you filthy dwarf! Can't you forge any faster?!"

Dyvia swiped sweat from her forehead and shot her best glare at the bandit who had nagged at her for almost an hour now. She felt dark pleasure when her glare made the bitch flinch. She would be Dyvia's first victim when she got out of here.

"How about you come and try pounding heavy metal sleep deprived, hmm! I'm sure you'll find it fun! Or if you don't want to you can just shut the fuck up and let me do the job you assholes are forving me to do!"

Dyvia turned back at her work and thankfully the nagging bandit kept quiet. Dyvia was in the middle of making the bandits some new swords. They'd broken a bunch at a raid recently. Well, they would probably keep breaking them because Dyvia was told to recycle the metal and it was weak as shit. Dyvia was hell of a good blacksmith but she was no miracle worker. But who would want to make good swords for stupid bandits that still worshipped those useless gods? So Dyvia also shut up and cooled the current blade in oil. This was the 7th sword, three more to go.

Dyvia had been captured a couple of days earlier when she had camped near the temple. Some bandits had seen her light the fire with magic and they'd captured Dyvia. Dyvia had beaten at least 15 of them but they'd called backup and won with sheer numbers. Cowards. They'd spared Dyvia because one of them knew her name and had heard of her exceptional forging skills. So now Dyvia was stuck forging mediocre, nay, less than mediocre weapons for bandits. Oh, the shame.

Dyvia's forge was just outside the temple's entrance so she was among the first who saw the raiding squad return. Well, heard, because for some reason a male voice was singing among the women that returned. Dyvia was heating metal in her forge and it would take a while because she couldn't use any of her fire magic. Idiotic humans and their idiotic beliefs. So Dyvia leaned against the temple's wall, slid her welding goggles to her forehead and watched how the bandits around the central fire ran to welcome the raiding squad back. She stood where she was and observed the returning bandits. They were ruffled up, some torn clothes and wounds, but nothing too serious. They also had prisoners with them, four of them. The singer was the most suspicious looking man Dyvia had seen in a while. Dyvia narrowed her eyes, she would have to keep her pockets closed tight around that one. She actually saw the man pickpocket a bandit. He was good, very good. And not a bad singer.

Then there was another man and a woman, both looking middle aged or a bit younger. The man was bleeding badly, he would die if someone didn't treat him. Dyvia doubted anyone in the bandit camp would offer help anytime soon. Maybe Dyvia could earn some extra coin by offering her services. She could at least burn the wound closed.

Then there was the elf, or at least the girl looked like an elf. She was carrying a staff Dyvia recognized to be of dark origin. Was the girl a user of dark magic? Dyvia felt her spine tingling, black magic users were almost always guaranteed psychopaths. Better stay away from that girlie.

The prisoners were herded towards the temple entrance. They'd probably be locked up in the dungeons, that resided at the undergroung cellars. Dyvia smirked, the armory was in the cellars as well, where she had access. She was already baking up a plan to escape and those prisoners would help her. Maybe Dyvia could help them escape as well, but that would have to be seen.

Dyvia saw the suspicious man going for yet another bandit's coin purse. Dyvia inhaled and yelled

"Hey, bandit with the blonde hair, huge rack and a bow! That sneak is pickpocketing you, you dum cow!"

The bandit in question flinched and flipped her gaze to the suspicious man. The bandit snatched his hand and twisted it, shooting a glare at Dyvia afterwards. Dyvia smirked, it was delightful to see someone get what they deserved. And these bandits would get what they deserved when Dyvia would get back her weapons. Or before that, if the right opportunity presented itself.

The bandit leader, Sigrid was it, separated from the group and came to Dyvia. She was carrying a dagger that Dyvia saw was of elven origin, with magical abilities.

"Dwarf, inspect this dagger and tell me what it does. We might be able to use it."

Dyvia sneered and picked the dagger up. Oh, how sweet would it be to plunge it into this bitch and see what the dagger could do. Dyvia secretly hoped it had something to do with rotting. But instead Dyvia just shrugged and slipped on her welding goggles.

"What happened to that 'All magic is bad and against Gods' shit? Change your minds?"

Sigrid merely scoffed smugly and walked back to the group. Oh, that pissed Dyvia off majorly. Irritated, Dyvia turned around and started inspecting the dagger right away. The sooner Dyvia could help those poor bastards, get her weapons and smash Sigrid's, and that nagger's, face in the better.

Dyvia peered over her welding goggles as the new prisoners were slowly dragged inside. She greatly pitied them, those dungeons were not a nice place to be, not by a long shot. Well, the dark magic user might like it. It was dark and bleak and don't dark mages love that.

Dyvia was openly staring at that strange assortment of people, the direction of her gaze kept secret by the dark goggles, when the woman's gaze met Dyvia's for a second. Then the woman glanced at the dagger Dyvia was holding in her gloved hand. But the woman had to avert her gaze when they were pushed inside the temple.

Oh, so the dagger was that woman's. Now Dyvia wanted to know even more what it was. Dyvia turned and walked to her workdesk, glancing to the metal heating up in the forge. Soon she could start molding it. But first Dyvia would try to figure out this dagger. Then maybe she could try to sneak to the dungeons and free those unlucky bastards. Even the dark mage.


"Well?" Tiella pressed Majvoc for an answer, but he remained silent. "Damn it man answer me."

"I will think it over." the thief replied with a shrug. He looked over his shoulder and raised his eyebrow, "You should really see to your husband."

Tiella turned and let out a curse as she saw Balar stumbling to the ground. She rushed back over and together with Luna they dragged him back to his feet. The group were climbing the hill proper now and the firelight in front of the temple was warming them even at this distance.

"What did he say?" Balar asked after a moment.

"He said he would think about it." Tiella replied.

"He has no honour." Luna said as she glared at the the thief who was regaling another of the bandits with one of his more colourful melodies. Something about a widow and a chimney sweep.

"He has no taste in women either." Tiella murmured, which got a laugh from Balar.

The entrance to the temple was close now and they all came to a sudden halt. Many of the bandits in the camp came over to enquire after the new prisoners. The ringing of metal on metal sounded in the night air and Tiella peered through the crowd towards a small makeshift smithy set up just to their right.

"Hey, bandit with the blonde hair, huge rack and a bow! That sneak is pick pocketing you, you dumb cow!"

The voice came from over by entrance and Tiella looked in surprise as she saw a female Dwarf of all things. This day was getting stranger and stranger. Majvoc was backing away from his latest victim now his hands raised in mock supplication.

It was then that Sigrid stepped up and Tiella saw her dagger planted in the woman's belt. As if sensing her gaze Sigrid placed a protective hand over the hilt.

"Ok elf, time to hand over the staff." she held out her hand expectantly.

"No." Luna replied holding the staff close, "Humans can not touch this."

Sigrid made to grab for the staff, but Balar distracted her.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." he growled as he removed his glove once more and shoved his shadow cursed hands under the bandit leaders nose, "It isn't good for you."

Sigrid stepped back making a warding sign and spat on the ground before Luna's feet. She turned then and strode over to the Dwarf where she handed over Tiellas dagger. The two exchanged a few words and it was clear that there was no love between the two women.

"Take them to the dungeons." Sigrid ordered as she marched past without so much as a glance.

Luna smiled at Balar. “Thank you. Though it is not a curse it’s a defense.” then turning she asked, “Tiella did you see the exchange with the dwarf”

'This is nice,' said Majvoc as he and his companions were shoved into the dark cell in the small dungeon below the Hof. They had been led down a snaking path around from the front of the temple to where the dungeon had been made. It was little more than a dug-out cave in face of the hill, with some tall iron gates fixed to the front.

Unceremoniously, bandits pushed them in and locked the heavy iron gate. They had a small fire a little way further down the hill, and two bandits sat next to it to keep watch. Far enough away that a whisper from the companions wouldn't be heard, but close enough to leap into action should anything be attempted.

'What's nice about it?' scoffed Balar.

'That's not a bad view,' Majvoc explained, 'Most dungeon makers don't think of the view.'

'Shut up.'

Majvoc took a seat on the floor of the corner, settling himself comfortably on the bare earth floor. Above them were simple wooden supports that kept the rest of the hill from falling in on them.

All their weapons had been taken, of course, although Luna still clutched at her staff. If that even was a weapon, anyway. None of the bandits would take it, which was a shame. Majvoc wanted to be as far away from that thing as possible. Elves were nice, even some dark ones when they didn't want to cut open your skin and lick the blood. Or was that just the ones he had met?

But one thing Majvoc still had was his flute.

'If you play that blasted instrument, thief, I swear on the Gods,' growled Balar.

'How would you like to pass the time, then?' asked Majvoc, 'Perhaps by staring quietly each other until we are dragged out and killed?'

'Have you thought at all about my request?' asked Tiella, sitting with Luna on the ground.

'Which one?' asked Majvoc, toying with his whistle.

'All of them,' Tiella pressed, an edge of annoyance trying to cut through her words.

'Aaaacch,' groaned Majvoc, 'I suppose so.'

'You swear it?'

'Would a thief ever lie?' Majvoc said with a smirk.

'So it is settled then?' asked Luna, clutching at her staff. Majvoc could see a glimmer in her eye. Confidence. Hopefully, that confidence wouldn't get too big for her ambitions.

'Indeed,' said Tiella, her voice lowering to a hush, 'Luna and I will escape with her magic. But we will return, hopefully with the element of surprise.'

'Tiella,' said Balar quietly, 'Are you sure?'

Tiella smiled, 'I don't think we've got a better plan.' She lent down and gave Balar a kiss on the cheek.

'Don't I get a kiss?' asked Majvoc with a sly grin.

'You'll get a smack,' warned Tiella.

She took Luna's hand, gripping it tightly. Quicker than they could blink, they disappeared in a flash of sickly black warp.

'Bye bye,' waved Majvoc at the empty space where Tiella and Luna had just been.

'So now what?' asked Balar, staring at Majvoc from across the small cell.

'Well, we can either remind each other how much we dislike one another,' said Majvoc, standing up and stretching, 'Or we can do something productive.'

Majvoc walked to the iron gate and put his whistle to his lips. He gently blew and out came a soft and gentle lullaby. The music seemed to snake and dance through the air, almost hypnotically. It drifted gently across the night, slow and calm. It wrapped the listener up in a warm embrace and rocked them to sleep.

'Wake up, you big bear,' whispered Majvoc, and he kicked the sleeping Balar awake.

'What happened?' said Balar, suddenly bright awake.

'Just a little song I learned once upon a time,' said Majvoc with a smile, and he indicated towards the now sleeping bandits.

'So our guards are asleep, now what?' asked Balar, 'How do we actually get ou-' Balar cut himself off, 'You have a key, don't you?'

Majvoc couldn't help but smile proudly to himself as he flicked his wrist and a key dropped down from his sleeve into his palm. But the flick and moved his shirt's sleeve up a little. It was just enough to reveal a few shifting and writhing snakes of black lines up his skin. Majvoc grimaced at the pain of the cold air biting at the infection.

'Snap,' said Majvoc as he realised his secret was exposed, 'I touched the staff back in the village, don't you remember?'

'You've hidden the pain well,' remarked Balar, Majvoc feeling he was almost impressed. Almost.

'Right, come on, bear,' said Majvoc as he tried to ease the key into the lock, 'We've got to get that dagger back.'


Harlequin stood staring at the distant fire. The idiots had gotten themselves caught. Heavy footsteps behind him caused him to turn and look up at the hulking monstrosity that was now Borrs.

"They are all inside." Borrs growled, drool escaping form his fanged jaws.

"Then we will simply have to get them out." Harlequin mused. He looked around at the gathering troll pack that was slowly moving through the shadows to encircle them.

"You have amassed quite a gathering here." The creatures were drawn to Borrs like some kind of pack leader, it was all part of the transformation spell. In turn Borrs was completely subservient to him. Like a dog to its master.

"Many will die." Borrs answered, but Harlequin simply shrugged.

"Attack at midnight and... oh how interesting." Harlequin felt the tug of magic from the elf girl and reached out his hand. With a quick snap of his fingers he diverted the crude teleportation spell and with a flicker of shadow both Tiella and Luna appeared on the ground before them.

"Oh shit." Tiella cursed as she saw they were surrounded by a large pack of trolls and their old friend Borrs.

"You." Luna snarled up at Harlequin.

"Well isn't this nice." Harlequin squealed, clapping his hands, "I will leave you crazy kids to it. Oh and I wouldn't try that little trick again for a while little Luna, It might have some unpleasant results."

And with that Harlequin vanished leaving the New and improved Borrs growling down at them.

Luna began to laugh, a strange madness filling her eyes. She help her staff up straight above her head and started to sing.

“Come little children I’ll show you the way...” she continued to sing as she walked past the trolls with the intent of leading them to the bandits.

The trolls could easily create a distraction to get Balar and Majvok out.

She had a strange feeling that the dwarf they had seen was the unexpected help the shadow had referred to, she would have to help her if she could.

Tiella watched in disbelief as Luna walked away singing, her staff held high.

"She is crazy." Borrs growled.

"You have no idea." Tiella murmered and then with a gasp she realised who this hulking creature was. "You... what has he done to you?"

"Improvements." Replied Borrs as he looked down at himslef. The trolls were milling around looking confused, they clearly wanted to tear Luna and Tiella apart but were waiting for an order from Borrs.

"Follow." Borrs snarled, pointing a clawed finger at Luna. Tiella simply shook her head and fell in step behind the monster that was Borrs. The troll pack marched with them.

“I’m not the crazy one, you are” Luna called back as she walked up the hill towards the bandits. “Ensure that your creatures only go after the bandits!" She ordered, "Leave all there prisoners alone or you will discover just how crazy I can be."

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