OOC - Changes to the Next Quote of Week

Thank you Winters for participating in the Quote of the Week nomination for Calendar Week 7.

Due to the overall lack of participation in the nomination process, Largehobbit and I have decided to try to adjust the nomination period and the qualifying criteria so that it should hopefully be easier to find a nice quote and you will have a little more time to nominate a quote. The changes will be mentioned in the nomination post (which is not this one), but I will state them here as well.

1st, instead of having less than a week to nominate posts, you will now have almost 2 weeks to nominate a post. This might make the term "Quote of the Week" a bit of a misnomer, but ah well. If anyone has ideas for a more appropriate title, I'm open to suggestions.

2nd, there is no longer an age limit to the posts that can be submitted. If there is an older quote in a longer running game that you would like to submit, go for it. These quotes will now qualify for the Quote of the Week.

Also, I didn't have anyone submit an application for being a judge last week. If any of you guys would like to be a judge for the next nomination, feel free to shoot me an email and list a few things you like, or just go ahead and volunteer to be a judge in the comments section below (and again tell me a few things you like).

On an unrelated note, I just wanted to thank you Platformers for being awesome. Largehobbit, Chris, and I were given Ongoing Worlds Community Honors Awards due mostly to our moderation of the OW Community Platform, and well, the reason this Platform works is because of the participation of you guys. You Platformers and visitors make the OWCP a place where people can comfortably share their ideas and get healthy feedback without fear of bullying. You guys make the Platform great, so keep up the good work and keep having fun. Thank you so much!

Also, thank you David! The OWCH means a lot to me, and I appreciate the work you do to maintain Ongoing Worlds!

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