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Ok so my first concern is timeline, the earth ELE and the transition to Mars. I will share what I have and you can all question, flesh out and refine it with me until we are happy. The next post will focus on the social structure of Oracle and some of the more familiar Cyberpunk tropes.


Machine God Timeline

March 3rd 2020 First manned mars mission is announced by NASA, initiates the “Decade of Discovery.”

Major advances brought about by Mission Mars research and development :

• Matter fabrication - “Neo Alchemy”
• Artificial Intelligence and robotics
• Synthetic Evolution – Genetic manipulation and Cybernetics
• Geomagnetic Science – Research into the manipulation of gravity and magnetic force

June 10th 2025 – The Dromond Effect: Discovered by Emmanuel Dromond a leading Geomagnetic scientist. The planet earth was preparing to undergo an Extinction Level Event. Within the next century a full Geomagnetic Reversal would slowly flip the magnetic poles weakening the earths magnetic field and allowing solar winds to strip the planet of much of its oxygen. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes would follow and continue for several more centuries making the earth uninhabitable.

July 6th 2026 – The United Nations commission the construction of Oracle a prototype City Ship designed for interplanetary colonization. They pour billions into terraforming research. Contracts go to US and Japanese multi-nationals.

July 8th 2026 – China and India commission the construction of the Hyperion, backed by Russia. The Hyperion is a state owned venture with the Russians as junior partners.

July 15th 2026 – A third Titan Class vessel, the Nemeria is commissioned by private investors, Bezos, Gates and Zuckerberg.

April 7th 2028 – Unmanned fuel and resource station sent to orbit the red planet in readiness for the arrival of human astronauts. Named Journeys End. Nicknamed “Uncle Joe” after its chief designer.

February 28th 2030 – Mandella One is launched – an international crew of eight travelled on the new super-shuttle

September 16th 2030 – Mandella One reaches Mars orbit and docks with Journeys End Station

September 21st 2030 – Mars Landing,
Commander John Cordman “Beneath my feet lies the hope of all humanity, god be with us all.”

In the years that followed multiple manned missions were sent to Mars and numerous colonies were formed in the surface.

October 17th 2083 – Pathfinder 3 was launched to begin terraforming operations on the red planet
• Strengthening of the magnetic field
• Production of Carbon and Greenhouse gasses to thicken the Mars atmosphere

January 2nd 2130 – Oracle is successfully landed on Mars near the Gusev Crater
January 3rd 2130 – Disaster strikes as the Nemeria breaks up on entry and crashes near the southern pole
January 4th 2130 – The Hyperion landing is averted pending investigation of the Nemeria disaster
April 12th 2130 – A partial evacuation of Hyperion to Oracle takes place due to the continuing uncertainty over risking the Hyperion asset

March 3rd 2250 – Current Day

Happy Worldbuilding :)

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