Are you Ready Player One? You’re our only hope!

We have a Trinity of Games to offer for play. Between the three we hope everyone is able to find something that strikes their fancy, but it’s a big world out there and we certainly haven’t covered every genre and niche.

Calling All Avengers - Action, Adventure and Intrigue Await!

Okay, I’m being a little dramatic, but dramatic is what we’re looking for in our newly minted OngoingWorlds game. Avengers: Exodus takes place in 2033; 15 years after an enigmatic event eliminated all superheroes and villains as well as decimating the mutant population. Our story mainly follows the MCU continuity, but we’ll be pulling from the comics as well. In the game, you get to play the young progeny of your favorite Marvel heroes as they’re recruited into a new team under the leadership of the Maximoff Cousins.

This is not an Academy for Mutants genre so we’re starting with the characters already more or less in possession of their abilities; some more than others. We plan to focus on character development, establishing teamwork and eventually taking down some bad guys. If you’re a fan of Marvel and you’d like to do some collaborative storytelling we’d love to see you in game.

So far we have players for a Magic wielder, Speedster, Webslinger, Stark Jr. and fan favs like the offspring of Captain America, Hulk or Thor are still available. Check it out here.
Witches and Wizards More your Style? We’ve got you covered there too!

Hey look, we created an academy where young squirts can master their powers! True Harry Potter fans know that the house with the best stories to tell has always been Slytherin. I know, I know, Boo … Hiss ... I wonder how they feel about that? Being relegated to the dungeons; having names like Scorpius; of course you’d envisage them growing up to be a darker variety of witch and wizard! But just because the house of Silver and Green has churned out more Dark wizards than any other, doesn’t mean that every Slytherin is bad. Merlin himself was Slytherin. Think Potter, Granger and Weasley were the only ones sneaking out and about? If you’re interested in telling the tale of one of the other houses which takes place at the same time as the Boy Who Lived with plenty of cameo appearances, we’re sure you’ll have fun exploring Hogwarts with us. Come grumble about the unfairness of it all. Why does Potter get a broom his first year? Harry, Harry Harry! What a git!

In Den of Snakes: A Hogwartzian Tale we’ll all play 2nd year Slytherins returning for another term at Hogwarts. We’re currently attending our first day of classes for the year and planning an exploratory mission into the catacombs this evening. So it’s a perfect time to enroll for some magic.
Browncoats are Uniting - Firefly Fans, this one’s for you!

So you don’t want to be some big damn hero and you don’t know a lick of magic. We feel you, we’re only human after all. But wait; what’s this?! We have a goram spaceship!

“Crew Needed. Passengers Wanted. Few Questions." That’s our motto over at the Lunar Veil, a Firefly class ship with an eclectic crew of con-men, card sharks, clippers and cabin kids. We even have a goram Dental Plan what with our own Dentist on board. If you were as big a fan of the series as we are, or even if you don’t know a Browncoat from a biscuit and just like epic space adventures with a bit of comedic relief, we hope to see you there.
So you’ve either read through the choices and were hoping for something more because you’re impossibly difficult to please or you scrolled down hoping we’d make it simple for you.

TL;DR : Games for Avengers Fans, Harry Potter Fans, and Firefly Fans are up and running and we need new players desperately. Are you Ready Player One??? You’re our only hope!

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