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OOC - Game idea- Inhumanation

Hey guys, Enderslayer here. I got a new game idea called Inhumanation.

Story- During the end of dark ages, the mythical races started to go extinct to humans. So they went into hiding until world war two. They began an experiment call " The Inhumanation". The Experiment would change humans into mythical races. They didn't go one with the experimenting because humans stopped them and saved them from extinction. The lived among humans, hidden in plain sight. It wasn't until the new year of 2019 that they decided to show themselves to the world. It took a couple of years before everything settled down. Now humans and other races live among each other. The year is now 2043. There isn't flying cars, but other cool devices, like sunglasses that make vampires immune to sunlight, or suits for gas based creatures. Everything is amazing. That is until a group of scientists rebegan the Inhumanation experiment. Now there are these creatures called Inhumans that are beings with different kinds of powers. They are the most wanted criminals in the world.

That is the game idea I have.

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