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OOC - Turnover

I've been on OngoingWorlds for a while, on and off. Long breaks, short breaks, but I would like to say that I've been around for a while. One of the biggest issues I think OngoingWorlds faces, as perhaps all simming/rpgs face, is turnover. Players come and go and moderators come and go. Even faces I thought might still be kicking around (can a face kick around) I haven't seen posting in a long while.

Real life commitments always seem to inevitably get in the way. That's a given. A long day at work (or a bad day at work) will probably push writing down the ladder of priorities for most people. Or just interests come and go. Are there any other issues that you as players and moderators face that turns you off supporting a game that you are a part of? Nim in the previous discussion mentioned communication as a big sticking point for a lot of players, and I think this does tie into the issue quite directly.

But are there any other deeper issues to game mismanagement or player engagement that you think would be good to bring up? Not naming names, of course, but just general feelings or experiences that you've had. Do you rolepaly/sim outside of OW? Do you find similar experiences out there in the cold beyond Squiddie's grasp?

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