OOC - Lot's of Games, Few Players

Heya Platformers,

It is obvious to me that there are quite a few games that are seeking players at the moment, and despite advertisements here on the OWCP and maintaining a presence on the front page of OW, most of these games are not seeing the desired increase in the number of members in their game.

Looking at the site, I am under the impression that there are quite a bit more games looking for participants than there are people who visit OW frequently that have time for additional games. If this observation is correct, then the easy ways of getting new members to join one's game will not work particularly well. Advertising a game here on the OWCP isn't going to get a game new players no matter how well crafted the ad is if all the people who read it are already in all the games they want to be in.

To my knowledge, GMs looking to increase their player base have two options (if anyone else has advice, feel free to chime in below).

1. Advertise your game to a wider audience. The Ongoing Worlds blog may work fairly well for this. Here is a link to where you can submit a post to the blog:
Be warned, you will have pretty much no formatting options available to you using this method. You can also try inviting real-life friends to your game as well.

2. Be patient and persistent. If you keep a game alive long enough, even by just a thread, it may have enough attention that when other games die off, your game will fill a now non-competitive niche and will see a lot of visitors. To my knowledge, this was the tale of Beyond the Ragnarok and probably other games over the years. Largehobbit could tell you more about the former.

If anyone else has any other pointers, feel free to share those with us. Also, if anyone is looking for a game, feel free to let us know. I'm sure there are plenty of moderators who would like to help you join their game.

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