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I have decided to advertise for my Forever Knight game, in hopes of getting more members.

For those who do not know of the show, it is summarized as follows:

Forever Knight is a television series that ran from 1992 to 1996. It is based on a 1989 CBS television movie, Nick Knight, that starred Rick Springfield as the title character. This was remade as the first two episodes of the series, which was broadcast by CBS as part of its Crimetime After Primetime lineup. Filming was shifted to Toronto, and the show was recast, with Geraint Wyn Davies now playing Nick Knight. Despite a hiatus after the first season and a shift to first-run syndication, Forever Knight eventually ran for three seasons.

Forever Knight chronicles the life of Nick Knight, a thirteenth century vampire living in a modern metropolis. Knight seeks to regain his mortality and rid himself of the savage blood lust that has consumed him for more than 700 years by once again embracing the mortal world.

He takes his first step toward the world of the living when he joins the city's police force. Serving as a homicide detective permanently assigned to the night shift, Knight sets out to clean up the crime ridden city with the help of his partner—initially, Don Schanke; and, after Schanke's death, Tracy Vetter. Despite a change in precincts and a succession of different superiors, Knight proves to have a talent for solving murder mysteries. Nevertheless, each reminds him of his own deadly past, reinforcing his desire for redemption and mortality.

Aiding him in his quest is Dr. Natalie Lambert, a pathologist with the Coroner's Office. The only mortal privy to his dark secret, she uses her medical expertise to search for a way to restore his mortality while her friendship helps him adjust to his new life. A devoted friend and confidante, she describes his condition as a severe allergy to sunlight, and will always step forward with a medical explanation when his strange ailment is questioned by Nick's suspicious police captain.

Tortured by the evil he committed in the past, Knight has distanced himself from the vampire community in order to rediscover mortal thoughts and feelings. Some in the community, however, are not pleased by his flight from the shadows. LaCroix, who gave Nick his immortality, wants him back and will do whatever it takes to conquer his former pupil's morbid qualms about the vampire state. Janette, his former lover, still secretly yearns for his eternal love and embrace.

Still relying on blood to sustain him, Nick faces a constant struggle to suppress his savage hunger to feed. With each passing day, however, he learns to deal with the rage that torments his soul, bringing him one step closer to mortality.

However, the game takes place in current day, and a few events have been ignored to make the game more interesting. We are open plot, meaning that there is no game goal to achieve but is character driven.

We have all but one canon open, and plenty of options for play. Original characters are more than welcome as well.

Feel free to email me with questions, or apply to the game. Thanks!

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