OOC - How I Will Be Grading the Wrinkles Matter Challenge

Hello Platformers and other viewers. If you have been following the recent posts on the OW Community Platform, you should be aware that we are accepting nominations for our first official Challenge of the Month. That post can be found at http://www.ongoingworlds.com/games/3367/posts/353

The purpose of this post is to explain the methodology by which I will be grading each nominated character, in case that influences your nominations.

I will grade each nominee by five different criteria, those being:

Profile Page - Characters with fleshed out and thoughtful profile pages will score higher here.

Posts - If the posts I read featuring this character explore this character well, I will score this higher. I will read 2 to 6 posts per character depending on the length of those posts and their accessibility. If no posts are presented in the nomination, I will choose posts at random.

Physical Effects - I will score this higher if I believe the profile page and the posts I read adequately explore the physical ramifications of this character's aging body.

Mental and Emotional Effects - I will score this higher if I believe the profile page and posts I read adequately explore the mental and emotional changes that have come to this character as a result of their increasing age.

Nomination Quality - I will grade this section higher the more effort that is put into a given nomination, from providing example posts to giving me supported reasons as to why the nominated character deserves to take home the gold.

Each of these criteria will be given a letter grade between A+ and F, with those representing:

A+ - Excellent, 100 points
A - Above Average, 90 points
B - Average, 80 points
C - Below Average, 70 points
D - Barely Adequate, 60 points
F - Failure, 50 points

I have a tendency to rate things closer to Average in all these types of assessments, so you guys will have to really impress me to get an A+. F is for if the character displays absolutely no effects of age, or the nomination doesn't meet the minimum standards. Ideally, I shouldn't have to mete out any Fs.

I will then average the scores of those five sections. This will be most of the character's score, however, additional points will be added or subtracted from this score based on the bonus criteria mentioned on the nomination page. If the nominated character is female, I will add 5 points to the final score (post-averaged). If I believe the writer of the nominated character is young (younger than 20ish) or handicapped, I will add an additional 5 points, while if the nominated character is from an experienced, middle-aged writer, you know, the kind that gives me a hard time for feeling nostalgic at the age of 24 :), will have 5 points subtracted from the final score. Again, this is in the spirit of fairness, as people with more experience interacting with older people, or who have experience with being older themselves have an advantage realistically portraying older characters.

To provide an easier visual with what this looks like, I will rate the two example submissions I made:

Sherriff Raine Lithermoore

Profile - A
Posts - A
Physical - A
Mental/Emotional - B
Nomination - B

Avg: 86
Bonus: +5
Final: 91

I read the posts The Cripple, The Day After, and On the Rocks

Jonathan Hanson

Profile - C
Posts - A
Physical - D
Mental/Emotional - B
Nomination - C

Avg: 66
Bonus: 0
Final: 66

I read the posts When your Boss Asks a Favor..., A Day in the Life of Jonathan Hanson, and Entertaining Guests

DaMasterT, I apologize, but I will not be choosing Lithermoore even if he does ultimately have the highest score, as I nominated him.

Well, that is pretty much that. If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments.

Also, heads up, the nomination deadline for this challenge will be September 1st, so you have one more week to submit nominations for the Challenge of the Month.

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