OOC - The ITS Cornucopia (AD)

(This is an ad for my new sci-fi roleplay The ITC Cornucopia. In this ad I will explain the story, the style of play, why you should bother, and answer some [hopefully not too-badly-straw-manned] questions and concerns.)

What is it?

The ITC Cornucopia is a roleplay about a ten-or-so-man crew aboard the titular Cornucopia, a formerly-derelict dreadnought-sized starship converted into a massive freighter. This starship will be setting out far beyond Human-controlled space, thrusting itself into imaginative adventures with wonderful, character-based stories interwoven throughout.

Aloof and enigmatic, Captain Dohler Bruce is the capitalist mastermind in charge of it all, assisted (of course) by his trusty A.I.s Aurelius and Diogenes; and kept alive by his fellow crewmen, who carry out every process he and his A.I. are unable to. His morality is strong, and his drive to help those who have been wronged is unmatched by most in the Galaxy.

Why would I want to spend time writing for this RP when there are so many others?

Were you to take the time to read through its introductory posts, you would understand my writing style and the open-ended quality of my posts. You help create the universe just as much as I do with the characters you create and the ideas you put forth.

So, simply put: if you'd prefer to be driven along by a GM while doing little to no world-building (and GMing) yourself, you would not be interested in this roleplay.

What do I mean by you doing some GMing? That will be answered in the next question:

Sure sounds awful open-ended. You know, herosvsbandits, I think open-ended roleplays fizzle out because GMs don't have the balls to step in and inject a bit of plot.

I agree with you, that's why I wrote the statement.

This roleplay has been thought up with that in mind. The roleplay will be split up into arcs, which, before they are started, are voted on by all of us. So, for instance: I post ARC LIST #2 and present an interesting (or possibly dull) list of arcs for us to revel in. At the bottom of that post I will specify that any player can put any amount of arc ideas they have kicking around in their head in the comments, and all of us will vote on them.

If it's my idea, I GM. If it's yours, you GM. Unless you hand it off. (I love GMing so I'd be happy to take it).

These arcs should be dangerous, scary, emotional, romantic, or humorous affairs, because, without some sort of emotion, roleplays immediately grow stale. And - repeat after me! - IF IT'S STALE IT CAN GO TO HAELL*.

*Haell 16, the famous planet with microbial life that can freshen stale objects.

Can I play multiple characters? And is it possible my character could die? I don't want them to die!!! ;(

You can play multiple characters until it becomes too cluttered, then you'll either have to red shirt them, make them leave (for a possible return at a later date), or just sort of have them kicking around doing nothing.

As to the second question: yes, it is very possible that a character of yours could die. Without death adventure has no weight or fear factor to it. If your char makes a dumb decision, a sacrificial move, or takes some other action that would turn them into chum, then the GM has the right to kill them. The GMs even allowed to kill Captain Bruce or an A.I. if it - repeat after me! - FORWARDS THE STORY!

Are you available to chat, herosvsbandits? If so, where?

I hardly check my email, so don't go there. Instead, go here: https://discord.gg/qehxv7s

We can talk about all sorts of things related to books, movies, T.V., and, of course, the roleplay.

When in the Haell will this lengthy post end so I can go read up on your RP already?

It is about to end in 5...4...3...2...1....

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