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Summary: Long-time roleplayer, mediocre writer, and thinker


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Preferred Genres

Open-ended, exploration/interaction, usually with some fantastical features. Fantasy, modern fantasy, superheroes, sci-fi. Always wanted to try Hillfolk, though. Or Chuubo's.

Writing Style Comments

I try to be as spare as possible, while still giving some spark of scene or character or interaction in a post. PBEM bogs down with walls of text, not really sure how different PBP is.

Participation Motivation

By chance spotted an interesting-sounding LFG over on Reddit. Seems like an interesting group; had done a bit of freeform IRC RP in the past, this seems to scratch a similar creation and conversation itch. We'll see if I stick around.

OW Comments/Concerns

So far, so good. Can be sometimes hard to catch up on a thread with only a single post visible at a time, maybe an option of a "classic forum" view that shows multiple posts would help. (But I'm new, so take that with a grain of salt.) RSS feed is handy for keeping up-to-date, thanks for implementing that.

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