OOC - Fumbler

Tell us what you want, what you really really want.

Calling all players, calling all players. Bring us your ideas, share with us your wishes, show us your inner most desires.

What do you want to see more of?

What kind of game really floats your boat?

What are you seeing too much of?

This is your opportunity to bring forward the ideas for games that you would love to join. Stuff that, should that game appear you just have to click the join button or forever live in a world filled with dakrness and regret.

So as I started this I suppose I must give you my pennies worth and it is as follows:

1. Fighting Fantasy, a good old dungeon crawl like Warlock of Fire Top Mountain with well managed game mechanics adapted for this format.
2. We need more decent SciFi on here, we are smashing it with fantasy, post apocalypse and modern fantasy, but some really original sci-fi would be great to see.
3. Short term casual games, with a clear start and end. One of my main blocks to joining games is time commitment, but if the game is casual or had a clear start and end it would make it easier to commit.

Over to you...

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