OOC - The Misfits of Hogwarts

These four characters are up for adoption at the moment. If you are wanting to adopt them please either comment down below or email me at fallownorthow@gmail.com With certain characters, I have a specific story arc that I think would benefit them the most, so please let me know if you plan on adopting them so I can share this arc with you. If you do not like this arc then you don't have to flesh it out and you can pick something else instead. Most of these characters have a few spots in which they can join into the story:
1) Jordan (HP) and Eme's (GF) interest in the evil goblin, Silivus Slant.
2) Jack (GF), Rhia (GF), and Piper (GF) in their quest to catch a werewolf.
3) Alexander's (SL) group, The Ebony Syndicate along with new initate, Thea.

*HP=Hufflepuff GF=Gyffindor SL=Slytherin

Portia Wylde- Female 1st year Hufflepuff
An confident american-born wizard who's family moved to London so Portia could attend Hogwarts. She is "inquisitive and quick to make new friends" She wants to make her magical mother and muggle father proud of her so she keeps up on her studies. She will defend anyone who is being bullied and she is a Quidditch fan hoping to become a seeker.

Gunther Groggins- Male 1st year Hufflepuff
A goldhearted pureblood from Germany, Gunther is a kind soul who was taught from an early age how to control his magic. He knows that no matter what lineage you have, you are special. He is always willing to work and will help out anyone in need. He was orginally going to go to school in Germany but transfered over to Hogwarts because his parents heard the education was better.

Max Souldamned- Male 1st year Slytherin
His mother's side of the family was a line of very good and powerful wizards, whereas his father's side of the family is plauged by Dark Magic and Death Eaters. He is constantly torn between what is right and what is wrong. Because of this constant morale struggle, Max is socially awkward but is quite friendly once you get to know him. He will fight if he had to, but would prefer to keep this struggle within himself.

Jianna VanNess- Female 5th year Slytherin
Jianna is the epitome of the Slytherin house. She is stuck up, stand-offish, and has a hard exterior. She cares little about other people and how she treats them, except for animals. She has a small soft spot in her heart for all animals and magical creatures. Anyone who knows her, knows she is a pureblood, because she will tell everyone about how the purebloods are the best.

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