OOC - The Hallows Begins


I worked really hard on everything in-game, and now I can say officially that The Hallows RPG can begin.

This is so exciting. Everything I've provided story-wise comes from years of writing, working on a book that I just couldn't put together in decent words. A lot of what I used was previously written, except the introductory post "Something Wicked This Way Comes". It's such a treat to see everything develop, not only as a Moderator but as a writer also.

I've been struggling the past few years with writing, and this has lit an inspiration inside me. Adding to the fact that Nim, Lucian, and Fenswell have all been amazing, open-minded collaborators to make sure their stories get told as well with really interesting, intriguing characters.

If you guys haven't checked it out, please take a look at The Hallows. It's a project I hope succeeds and does really well. Thanks for everyone's patience!

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