OOC - Joining Maelstrom - Part 4

Be All You Can Be


Introducing the Dusk Militia

Under the stern leadership of Marshall Maynard Benedict Fordham the Dusk Militia is at the heart of the action under the Maelstrom. They are the iron fist of the government and the last defence against the unknown terrors of the Darklands.

The Milita also perform a crucial role in maintaining order in the City with rebellious terrorist organisations hiding behind every corner and fiendish cults festering beneath the very streets upon which we walk, the militia brings us safety and security at the very cheap price of our personal freedom and liberty.

Armed with a variety of weapons and kitted out in the latest of steam tech personal defence equipment, you too can march through the streets of Dusk or even the slums of Graymire bringing the will of the government to the little people of the land.

Sign up today.

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