OOC - I'm Back!... and an Announcement

I'm finally back in the good ol' USA, where I have a home and a dataplan. So other than that exciting bit of news (you guys do like me, right?), I do want to make a brief announcement of sorts.

Our esteemed host, David Ball, sent me an email last week asking me to inform my fellow Platformers that the Role Playing Community is in the process of nominating candidates for the 2017 Squiddie Awards, and he would very much like it if OW Members could participate this year more actively than we have in past years. I will quote a segment of the email he sent me so I don't put any words into his mouth:

"What you have to do is nominate your game, and a person you think is deserving and email it to Charles Star (who is organising it), his email address is star.idf@gmail.com. 

It needs a short explanation why that game and person is deserving, but it only needs to be short. 

In the past, he says he's got loads of nominations from games from other roleplaying groups, but not many games from OngoingWorlds have been nominated."

You guys can check out the blog post that should be visible at the bottom of the home page for more details.  I personally am planning on nominating Two Kingdoms and SilverCloud, the creator of said game, whom I think did great things in 2017.

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