OOC - Coming Together Part 2

I have received permission from TheHeroUp to take over management of the "Come Together" project, and in light of his announced departure, I believe that keeping his dream alive is a good thing to do. I'm not quite sure what details he came up with regarding the setting, although he has assured me that he and Winteroak discussed some ideas, so hopefully I can learn what they came up with once Winteroak returns from vacation.

In the mean time, I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts regarding how I believe we can go about creating this game. I do not believe that I am capable of developing and maintaining a concept that everyone (well, at least a lot of people) will enjoy for awhile as the things I enjoy and desire in a game do not necessarily reflect those of the entire community, or even the majority of the community for that matter. With this being a game intended to cater to most of Ongoing Worlds, I am recommending we implement the following ideas.

1. Prior to launching the game, I would like to assemble a team of people interested in developing the game. These people will have first dibs for positions on the moderating team (I will list my thoughts regarding those positions below). Anyone who is interested can email me at nimpbp@gmail.com .

2. I would like to hear the ideas of the community regarding what they would like the setting to look like and how they want it to work. Using these ideas and ideas the aforementioned team has, we will compile 3 to 5 ideas and have a vote on which one we like the most, much like LargeHobbit did when he was devising the steampunk game that became Maelstrom. I am mostly looking for ideas in which either characters from different settings are pulled into one setting, or something like Planescape that takes place in multiple settings/dimensions (or maybe multilple planets), although other ideas will be considered.

3. I was thinking that perhaps the moderating team would initially consist of 5 moderators, each of which would have one of the following "jobs".
Presentation Manager - would be responsible for optimizing the Game Discription, Game Picture, Game Information Section, Game Summary, Profile Labels, and other details in order to best attract members and make the game the game easy to follow.
Plot Manager - would be responsible for keeping the story moving and maintaining consistancy within the plot and various arcs. This is not intended to be a dictatorial position in which one person tightly controls the plot. I want players to feel comfortable writing stories for their characters.
Setting Manager - would be responsible for fleshing out and maintaining consistancy within the setting. Again, this is not intended to be a dictatorial position. I want players to be able to create setting details to be able to flesh out their characters. I was also thinking this person would be responsible for accepting new characters, although maybe that task would go to the community manager instead.
Community Manager - would be responsible for helping new members find a place in the game, handling disputes and grievances, and maybe putting up stuff on the OW Platform to advertise and help non-members follow our progress.
Moderator Leader - would be responsible for making sure all "jobs" are being done and handle issues amoung the moderating team.

I am open to suggestions regarding modifying these positions. Any other feedback is welcome as well.

So who's in?

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