OOC - Hanging Up The Cape

Hey there, Ongoing Worlds community, how you doin'?
You might've already guess what this post is really about, and you're not wrong; that's right, I am leaving Ongoing Worlds. I suppose some of you have began to see it coming due to the lack of me actually being here, posting stories, lol. But before I do that, I'd like to take some time to revisit things that I've been through with this website, just to end my relationship with OW on the best terms and to let all of you know how I've felt all along this beautiful journey!

It all began on a bright afternoon somewhere in the year 2015, I believe, and back then I couldn't be more obsessed with the Percy Jackson series, by Rick Riordan, so I went ahead and looked for some FanFiction to further enhance my heroes' journey; alas, it all sucked. Really bad, too. I vented through multiple google pages, looking for any new content that has something to do with Percy Jackson and I nearly gave up, but then something caught my eye. Something different. A link that was called Camp Halfblood - PbP roleplaying game. I clicked that link faster that than you could possibly imagine, haha. Honestly, once I got to the game page, I was rather confused; there were all these posts with cheesy names that were written by vaguely named people, so I wanted to just end things there, but then suddenly I saw a little tab on the left that says characters. Intrigued as ever, I clicked it, and I was absolutely astonished by the fact that none of those characters were from any of the books! I immediately understood what was going on, and I clicked that sexy Join Game option right ahead.

Oh, that feeling. That tremendous feeling of pure creativity and imagination that fuels one's mind when creating your own character; the possibilities that float in your head as of how you could impact the story with a character of your very own! There's no other feeling quite like it, if I may say so. I'm sure you all know what I mean!

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, right...I was lucky enough to be accepted by that game's moderator, and I rushed off to make my first-ever story post; Excitement! I connected my character's background to the current story, based on the others' posts so far, and I made sure to integrate a narrative on my own, even though it was only then born - considering I have never wrote before, in the manner of writing a story, anyways.
I was anxiously looking forward to seeing how the next player picks up the story from where I left it off, but instead, I was now facing off with my first ever complaint OOC...and for the one-and-only reason; Godmodding. I was so sure back then that I had the right to use others' characters based on the information I was given by their character sheets...It was so overwhelming; the first ever interaction I had with a player on this site is a complaint. However, I did not give up and I tried to learn from that mistake, and I continued trying to push the story forward with my own ideas and cast of NPC's that were available, and it all went pretty well for me! At least until the moderator let characters that completely broke the narrative of the story join in and the story pretty much got wrecked from there and it faded away...But from a bitter bite came a sweet taste; I only then discovered that there were OTHER games out there on this site! Kinda pathetic of me, don't you think? lol...

My biggest romance with Ongoing Worlds has got to be The Path to the Dark Star! It's promising tale of heroes traveling the world and gathering friends and foes alike to save their world, Aran, from complete annihilation, filled me with enough writing material for at least a year! Also, the movie "Thor: Ragnarok" just went out, so being the obsessive media tool that I am, I made my characters completely and utterly inspired by the Nordic deities that appear on the Marvel Universe. Yeah, I like Marvel.
Again, right on my entree to the game, I managed to piss people off by misusing their characters, and - I swear to you, I never had, and never will have the intention of making someone feel uncomfortable with anything I ever post on this site. I guess I never did get used to the rules here, but that's not where I'm going with this post.
I'd like to apologize to all those fantastic folk that partook in The Path to the Dark Star; I won't detail anything here but I am aware that my actions have single-handedly destroyed that game, and I could never forgive myself for it. I am truly sorry.

After that unfortunate incident, I found myself partaking in other games, like Heil Hydra, Justice League of America and The Old World; great games, but even though I put my all into it, I never really felt too attached to any of these since they simply did not appeal to me like the previous game. Also, I couldn't really find a common ground with the mods, and I decided that would be a good time as any to leave the player's point of view and become a mod myself.

I was quite fond of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog series back then, so I decided to make a game based off of it, and I invested a couple of days into making NPC's and creating a decent introduction post; and so I waited....and waited. My new game was pushed almost to the bottom of the page, so I figured I should create yet another post to enhance the surrounding story, from other NPC's POV...same result. For the third attempt, I wrote my most explosively large, extensive and really cool and stylized post ever, and yet no one joined it. I was, in-fact, so broken, that I just quit OW for some time...But who am I kidding, I just couldn't keep myself from coming back, hehe XD

New Mutants. You kinda saw it coming didn't you? Well, I didn't.
As you must have guess by now, I LOVE SUPERHEROES. My heroes defined me, and shaped me to be who I am today; a well-behaved human being, I hope.
I felt like the X-Men's mutant powered heroes and villains were not getting enough love by the media, but also that it has such incredible storytelling capabilities and potential, that I just figured - "What the heck", and went ahead and created my second game. I was over-the-top when the first player joined; Lucian, thank you, buddy.
Being able to oversee the outlines of a story and plan out an adventure for a group of talented writers was truly a dream that came true for me, and seeing it thrive all the way till this very day fills me with happiness. For all of you that partake in it, follow it, or even only took a gander at it and said to yourself "Huh. Cool.", You're all the best, and I couldn't ask for a better fate to my game; nay, our game.
Also, a shout-out to Hosea for taking the game into his vastly superior and more capable hands; I think you're gonna go far, kid. Thanks for maintaining the story better than I ever could. Seriously, you're awesome!

So, now that I'm done with recapping my past in OW, why am I quitting at all? Fair question, friends. If you even care or not is totally up to you, lol.
I live in Isreal, and if you didn't know, when you come of age and turn 18, it is mandatory to join the military and defend the borders of the country from any possible threat. (I don't wish to make any political statement, just point out something.) So therefore, now that I finished High-School (unlike one of my characters, Koby Greenberg), I will soon need to leave my citizen life behind for almost 3 years, and that is a long time to be apart with my dear laptop; which also means being apart from you; the best community I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know, and share my ideas with. I had, and still have, so many grand ideas for fantastic games of all sorts, but I can't ignore my looming responsibility.

As the title suggests, it is time for me to hang up my cape, and leave Ongoing Worlds to other super-heroes; each with their own unique, magnifying powers. These heroes are you. Thanks for everything :)

Yours truly for one last time, -TheHeroUp


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