OOC - My two ideas.

So I remember earlier I shared my two game concepts, and I want to once again talk about them.

Firstly, the fantasy Gladiator arena, I wonder if it would be possible to start that up. Since No-Man's Land is going at a steady pace and Sauria, never got going so well, (Which broke my heart☺,) I was thinking I could make time for a new game. So if anyone was interested in the idea earlier, and wants to add input or any ideas to it now, comment below.

Secondly, I also talked about having a Sci-Fi world-building type game, where you either create a planet, and/or live on either yours, or another planet. I think this type of game would be an great undertaking, and I would need a few Co-mods to take part if I do decide to begin this. If you like this idea, and have any opinions or comments, once again leave them below.

So this is all I have to say. I hope these two concepts can one day make it to the OW game list, but until then your input will be helpful.

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