OOC - SciWorld '18

I didn't see any mention on here about the recent blog post announcing SciWorld '18. It's like a convention for roleplayers except it's online and you don't have to suffer the long, packed, and hot queues of a regular convention. Sure, there might not be anyone in cosplay, but you also don't even have to get dressed.

SciWorld is one of two major gatherings of Roleplayers, the other being FallFest. Both offer a chance to interact with other groups of roleplayers from across the Web, and gives you the opportunity to realise how big the Star Trek simming community is (Spoiler: There's a lot of them).

There will be discussions, panels and quizzes and all other sorts of fun crazy stuff all about roleplaying and simming. The schedule hasn't been finalised, which means there is a chance to set up and organise your own panel if you want. As an example of the kind of things that are usuall discussed, and how they are usually organised, this is the schedule for the last FallFest (which was hailed as one of the best in a long while). The Roleplay Wiki, which is a great source for the histories of roleplaying even if it is in desperate need of updating, also has the schedule for SciWorld '14 achieved.

SciWorld used to be conducted through IRC, although recently Discord has been used in its place. The Discord server hasn't been announced yet, but keep an eye of the OW blog for updates (or I can just repost the information here when it is announced so that everyone sees it).

Make sure you go. If you want to go, that is.

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