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OOC - The Infected Zone

Hi! My name is Drake and I'm an alcohol- Oh, wait, wrong line!

Anyway, I've been participating in a game for a little while now and have finally worked up the confidence to moderate one of my own. I call it The Infected Zone. Gonna be full of zombies, lotsa different kinds. Should be good fun. Looking for players and of course feedback is always welcome. If you can be courteous, I can be humble.

Game Description:

The war's as good as lost. Men still fight but they all know they're stalling the inevitable. 99% of the Earth is lost to the shambling dead. All that remains are three isolated islands out in the middle of the cold ocean. The turbulent waters keep the undead at bay while the last tattered remnants of humanity cling to life, waiting for death. What's left of the military, now simply called Authority, has imposed a strict rationing system but it's only a matter of time. Food, fuel, HOPE... is all about to run out. This is where the game picks up. Will the last spark of humanity flicker out?

Out of sheer desperation, Authority has begun assembling civilian teams to augment the Zone Commandos or ZCs, making daring and dangerous raids into enemy territory to bring back those supplies most desperately needed from the Infected Zome. Only the bravest and most capable will be selected to enter... The Infected Zone! text to link here...

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