OOC - Plan To Last *Rant Alert*

(paragraphs? What are those?)

I often draw comparison's between most of the games on this site and DnD. Now I don't play DnD often (apparently often enough to refer to it as 'DnD' rather than D&D), but I do understand the concept. A dedicated DM creates a campaign in which a number of Players participate. Sound familiar? I think so, however not quite familiar enough. You see, in these 'campaigns', thr DM may spend months planning out how things are going to go, and in between each session, the DM may take upwards of a week to prepare the next part of the campaign. The problem with this? The players. Those doe-eyed, no-good, fun-loving players. You see, when you involve multiple people in something and aim to move in a specific direction, you will seldom end up anywhere you expected to be. However, these DMs are just as crafty. They tend to employ specific methods to counteract these things. Namely, planning for the unexpected. Rather than try to have a contingency for every possible problem, these DMs are flexible, and can make something out of whatever comes their way. And finally, we have reached my point. I feel one of, if not one of the biggest, reasons why games just don't seem to last on this site is because no one plans as much as they should, and no one plans for the unexpected. There are, of course other things, variables to this equation, if you will. Real life for example (curse those words!), has a bad habit of getting in our way. What if we adopted some of these DnD-esque qualities? Perhaps we set up specific times when everyone can or cannot post, we separate characters based on the times their writers are available, rather than what thier skills are, or how powerful they are. And as Moderators, when multiple of us are in control, we act as one, specifically so that when one is out, the others can take thier place. If you really want a game to succeed, I feel you must take the extra mile to ensure success. Otherwise, things will start to fall apart.

(I just wanted to rant, and for once it's something remotely positive. Those of you who've been here a while might remember that whole 'gamemaster' fiasco, way back when I moderated that game 'Villain High'. I just wanted to put in my own two cents, what with everyone else debating basically over how to fix this site. We're making progress, but I simply feel more must be done. But, alas, that's just a theory. A game theory. Thanks for reading.)

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