OOC - The Elesians Are Here!


Things are heating up under the Maelstrom as the overlords of Elesium lose patience with the heavy handed bungling of Josiah's government and send down their own Regent to bring order to the Darklands below.

The City is in disarray following the recent attack on the Plague compound in the Sprawl and the Clockwork King continues to collect his allies in anticipation of further interventions from the Delve. The world is slowly opening up as the action grows beyond the politics of Dusk and soon we will start to get glimpses of the world below and the world above as the Delve and Elesium are revealed.

In line with this we are reviewing the game rules and structure to ensure that Maelstrom is as accessible as possible for players wishing to experience this dark and foreboding world. We would be happy to receive feedback on any changes or additions we can make as moderators to help you engage with the world. The same invitation remains open to existing writers in the world to make comment on how you might like to see the game develop?

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