OOC - Another Game idea... I can't stop coming up with them.

I will make this brief. Firstly, I apologize for my inactivity, I have been going through an case of writers block, and getting into the mix of school. So I want to at least put something out there for you guys to ponder.

I have posted many game ideas, and only one or two of them I pursued. I won't have time to make this one, but if anyone wants to use it, it's available to you.

Those of the Snow:

The game takes place in an ice age world, where cavemen scrounge a living in the frozen wastes. But it takes place in an different world, where there are still large mammals, and the strange continents hide many secrets. There can be different tribes, and villages, and there could also be other races.

That is pretty much it, if you like the idea it is free to use. So yeah, WB out...

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