OOC - New Superhero Game

Hero High holds a special place in my heart. 4 years ago, when I was but a fledgling writer searching for collaboration, I found this site, and after creating my account, Hero High was the first game I joined. It was a rocky start, I'll admit, but once I got a hold of the way things ran on the site I had fun. However, now, as most of you can easily observe, Hero High, while still pushing out posts, has just about aged and crumbled. There is still activity, but it's struggling, and instead of trying to resurrect it, I believe we should start over, as the whole feel of the game seems dated now, and it isn't all that attractive anymore.

I've been thinking about, but haven't been willing to put terribly much time into the idea, until now. This platform didn't exist back then, but now that it does, I'm coming to you all to present my idea. One of my ideas was that the game would be separated into acts or "chapters", and each of these chapters would be introduced by a post from a resident freelance journalist and blogger, highlighting things that are happening and have happened in the story so far.

"This is Neo-Sierra, a city on the very cusp of innovation and change. After an emergence of crimes involving superpowered individuals, the government has stepped up to the plate. Enter- the Organisation of Super-Human Applications and Containment, otherwise known as OSHAC. OSHAC is dedicated to controlling, and harnessing the Super-Human populace, turning individuals who would otherwise become delinquents and or threats to society into upstanding citizens. However, that isn't all. OSHAC aims to teach Super-Humans how to not only use their abilities responsibly but effectively. Every Super who leaves the custody is expected to be Super Hero material, lending their skills to fight crime, and protect the citizens of Neo-Sierra. Those who don't, are shamed and often branded as "Dissidents". The problem is that there is no "cure" for superhumanity, so those who are born as superhumans have little choice as to how they want to live their lives. According to CEO of OSHAC David Mills; if you are Super-Human and you aren't strictly a superhero, then you're a danger to society. This is precisely why rebellious Super-Human organizations have risen, as they believe the shame one gets for not taking up the role as a crime fighter unfair. While there are organizations of this nature that are purely peaceful, a lot aren't, and that doesn't make things easy. Tensions continue to rise in Neo-Sierra.

-Your local Sierrian independent news outlet, giving you the word on the street, straight and true. Violet Marx."

I have ideas brewing about how to run this, however, I was hoping I could get some of you interested, as any amount of assistance or advice would be much obliged.

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