OOC - Back and Better than Ever!

Greeting my fellow writers,

I am back from the grave and with a vengeance. Well, reality is that College had a hold of me (yet again) and finally decided to let go. Currently, I am still in school, however that will only be for a few more weeks. I am happy to say that I am going to take up writing again, as I get these waves of inspiration that just take a hold of me. As some of you may recall, this occurred to me at the beginning of the year as well.

Currently, I am looking for any games that have spots open for me, and any game that needs a co-mod. I am also trying to get Welcome to Hogwarts back up and running, or possible make a new version of the game... a 2.0 if you will. If anyone would like me to team up with them, please comment down below. I am available to start creating characters and such this week, but I won't be able to write content until the end of this week or possible it might have to wait until next week as well.

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