OOC - Cars and Racing

Greetings my fellow writers and mods,

I am writing this post to propose an idea for a game that seems to be lacking in the OW community. As you can tell by the title I am planning on a game around cars and racing, but not the Pixar universe of Cars, but more of The Fast and the Furious type of game. It would most likely include racing (obviously), different types of cars (classics and the future), gangs, and all that comes with this. I am aiming for a more mature game that includes content that is sensitive to children under the age of around 16 (I also have no idea if anyone on this site is younger than that, but it is a fair warning). I am just curious what everyone's thoughts are on this, because I personally love the idea.

My only dilemma with developing a game like this on my own is my knowledge of cars and the motor world is very limited. However, if someone has the knowledge and is wanted to co-mod with me, I am totally open to it. I was thinking of more street racing than regulated racing (where is the fun in that?). I have also have taken some aspects from the Forza Horizon series.

If your are interested in co-modding this with me (that would be greatly appreciated) you can email me your ideas/thoughts at fallownorthow@gmail.com. Please make sure that you include something about cars in the subject line so I know what you are talking about.

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