OOC - Bug's Thought Provoking Question

Hey guys, I assume it has been a busy month for you guys, since it has been for me. But I want to soothe the mind, and ask a simple, or complex question, to you guys.

There have been many different games on OW, some are old, and long gone, while others are in their glory age, and are still living. So I want to ask, out of all these games, is there one that you think would make a good movie, or TV show? One game that stands out to you for having a good plot, excellent characters, and an amazing world? No, I'm not making an OW, The Movie... "Wait, I'm not?" But I was just curious, which OW game would make the best movie.

My answer, would be Xierheart, simply because it is building up to a exciting plot, it has wonderful characters that mesh together, and a very cool world, ripe for exploration. Even at the early stages, I feel that it has a Hobbity Vibe, where an group of adventurers set out to defeat a great foe, an get an wonderous reward. (Check out the game, it's getting quite fun. And shout out to Enderslayer for creating Xierheart.)

So I send the question over to you guys, what OW game do you think would make the best movie?

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