OOC - My Upcoming Plans

Hey everyone, I want to thank you guys for supporting my creative endeavors so far. No I am not leaving... I have something different to talk about.

As you may know, I have had an few games on OW, that although people liked, never had big success. I'm specifically talking about NML, and The Scale. I have recently realized the issues with these two games. For The Scale, it was both the extremely devoted plot-line, and the specialization of the world. In NML, we also had an really confusing and controlling plot arch, plus it was too difficult to get members into the game without making them wait. Don't be upset with me for saying a plot based game is bad, BtR and other such games are great successes in an plot driven world, but I feel this format cannot work for NML or The Scale. As of right now, my preferred option is to put these two games to rest, and the close them down (Email or comment if you want to retrieve your characters.). But please don't be heartbroken, because I have an new idea in store, that I will talk about later in this post.

With Lucian gone, I am also thinking of closing down The World Building Platform, or at leaving it on hold. I haven't been able to find any way in developing the game further, so I feel that putting it to rest is the best option.

Now, to the fun part.
I have had an idea bouncing in my head for months. I want to take the aspects of community involved in Bourbon from NML, and Drex, from The Scale, and combine it into an simpler and creative game.
My idea, which is an medieval fantasy game, is that a five year war has currently ended, and the many soldiers are returning home to relive their lives. The game will be focused solely on the Village of Warfall. It will be an small world focus, but I feel this will simplify things. The soldiers who are returning to their families have to re-adapt to an peaceful environment, and at the same time, help their village return to an better stage.

I will be planning a few world-building posts, similarily to what LH does, and I would more than love for you all to add your input. If you have any questions and inquiries about the concept, or anything I have said, then go ahead and comment below. Have an good march break everyone.

(P.s Welcome back TheHeroUp)

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