OOC - Warfall World Building Discussion 1

I thank you all for your admiration on my last post, so now I present to you the rough draft of the world.

The Village of Warfall (VoW)

Basic Outline: After an ruthless 5 year war between two regions, an stalemate was reached. For the people of Warfall, this meant that they could return home to their families. But life won’t be that easy, a soldier who has seen bloodshed will never forget it. The war cost many lives, and at the moment, those lost will be honored in an grand memoriam celebration. But for the other people, the struggle is only beginning.

1. Mature content is allowed, such as lewd jokes, bloodshed, and alcoholism. Just make sure that you aren’t writing another 50 shades of grey.
2. You are allowed to be whatever race you want, and pursue whatever character abilities you want, but no super humans, or god-like beings, and being a small community, it may not have as much diversity.
3. I do not mind if posts are long, medium, or shorter lengths.
4. I will be developing some small side plots, but there will not be an overarching plot-line like in other games. This is basically a small scale open world.
5. There are trading caravans that may pass through the area. If you are either going inactive for any length of time, or wish to explore the outer world, you can mention your characters have hitched a ride, and you can make a post about their experiences away.
6. If you want your character to run a business, please inform me via email so I can fit the business into the village.
7. More so a in game rule, does not need to be followed extremely. Human necromancy is illegal and frowned upon. However, you are allowed to practice these acts on animals.
8. Optional, but since the recent war has just ended, you are allowed to be an soldier returning home. If you feel your character(s) would fit into that niche.

Landscape: Warfall is in an strange, but excellent location. The village is located between a mountain range, and a lake. The central area is home to forest and farmland. Because of the location, caravans are able to stop through, instead of travelling around either side. This brings business to the citizens of Warfall. The base of the mountains is where both stone mines are located, which compete to sell their “better" stone, which is basically the same stone from the same mountain.

Currency: Silver, bronze, and rarely gold coins are used as the currency, although stone and wooden tokens, as well as shells, are used between locals.

Locations: There are many locations in and near the village. More can be added.
- The Hidden Goat: The local tavern, where the drinks from the local brewery are served. Given its name after a local folk tale of how hoof prints were found in the houses, and the farmers goat had disappeared. The goat was found on the exact spot where this tavern now resides.
- Wooden Castle: A quaint inn for travelers, given the strange name because of its castle like appearance.
- Local Brewery: Currently unnamed, but it is the main source of ale in the community.
- Blacksmiths: Where farmers weapons and tools are formed, currently unnamed.
- Farmland: The area of the village residing closest to the water of the lake, simply because it provides the most fertile land. This area provides food for the village.
- Timberlands: The central area between the lake and the mountain consists of forestry, such as oak and birch, used to build homes.
- Mountains: A tall range of mountains separates the village on one of its side. At the base of the mountains are two rival stone mines, which provides the village with another building source.
- Stonehall: An old fort carved into the side of the mountain. Since the war took soldiers away from this fort, a pair of wyverns have made it their home. If these wyverns were disposed of, there would be a new center for local soldiers, and a fair reward.
- Central Hall: Im open to a better name. The center of the village, where the significant citizens meet, and where the Job Board is located. Also home to the current soldiers and their enlistment station, since the old fort is occupied.
- Temple of to be determined gods: An location of prayer, worship, religious practice, and the home of local priests.
- Graveyards, beyond the church, which lies at the edge of the village, is the graveyard. It is currently being expanded because of the return of the fallen soldiers bodies. But there have recently been strange happenings in the graveyard…
- Dock: There will be a dock, but I wish against any seafaring travel. I see it more as an local fishing location. I dont want the open waters to over complicate the world.

Jobs: There are many jobs available, you can suggest an idea, and I will be all ears. For local explorers, there is a Job Board in the Central Hall

History: Should I go in depth here, or should I spit a few tidbits during the posts, or should I just outline a timeline. Unsure what to so with the history aspect.

That pretty much concludes what I have so far. If you have any ideas or comments, ask away. You might just have to wait 8 hours, I'm tired...

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