OOC - Warfall World Building Discussion 2

(The Farms are difficult to see, but they are along the shoreline between Warfall and the lake. As well as on the nearby peninsula.)

I introduce to you all, World of Warfall... Wait, shoot, I dont want any copyright issues. I mean, Village of Warfall, VoW.

As you can see, I have presented the map above. However I do want to mention the route the war took.
The armies were conflicted on the top and bottom half of the map. They did not enter Warfall because of how little use it would be. Instead, they fought at the north and south area, to fortify the fronts, and both sides shifted back and forth at the same time, so there was no need to cross over.

I have talked to a few people about their character, which means a few jobs have been claimed. The black Smith is going to be owned by Lucians characters. As well, we do have a possible pair of bards, and maybe a priest(ess) of death for the church.

I have a few things that may need some naming. If you have any ideas, suggest away.
The Central Hall
Gods/Goddesses in the church
The Two Mining Companies.
The Local Brewery
The Name of the Lake?

I was thinking of having an island in the middle of the lake, or maybe a couple. Should I? And if so, what purpose could it provide?

I'm unsure what else to say, I think this will be the final post before the game is made. So pitch your final questions, and I cant wait to see where things go.

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