Writing prompt competition?

Hey worldians!

A little idea I just had I'd like to measure interest for, inspired by the Quote of the Month feature.

Would people here be interested in a small-scale writing competition? I would propose the following format.

A judge gives a writing prompt and a deadline (say, 2 weeks. Up for debate). Participants write a short story in a single post using the given prompt. After the deadline, the judge chooses a winner, and they get an OW award (I don't know whether there are limits to those?). The winner becomes the judge for the next round and sets a new writing prompt and deadline.

If there is interest, I'll make a game specifically for this competition, and I'll be the judge for the first round.

Are people up for a little lighthearted competition like this? I know it's not roleplaying this way, but no reason to limit ourselves, am I right?

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