OOC - Is the world real

Here is the start of a science fiction game iv put a few months of thought into this game there's still stuff I have not entirely thought out yet and things I am missing. The name is a work in progress I am open to your suggestions and opinions.
Is the world real?

Laboratory staff orientation.

”Welcome lady and gentlemen, you are he because you are the best in your perspective fields and wish to push the envelope of science further then most think acceptable. Here we are creating better humans super soldiers to help us take over the world. If that is not why you are here then your welcome to leave in a body bag” the head scientist said. Dr. Marks had set up the program he was in his late thirty’s tall with sharp features. His jet black hair and evil brown eyes struck fear into the assembled group of doctors nurses and guards. ” keep in mind that the subjects are not children they are test subjects they will only be identified as a serial number. The subjects are broken up into categories alfa are the most dangerous or hardest to contain, beta are a step down not as powerful but can be equally as tricky.Make sure you never try to move a subject alone and always have tranquilizers on hand in case they get a little volatile.This is for there good as well as ours. You will pick up your list of subjects to oversee before you start work and after the tore of the facility. The subjects were all kept in cells on the third floor down the laboratory we’re on the second floor down and the doctors offices were on the first floor. The building above ground was a where house design as a shipping facility. That was of course Chimeras cover after all they shipped textiles all over the world or that what they wanted people to think. After the tour the doctors and nurses get their project assignment and the cards get they duty shift assignments.


You wake up in your cell; it’s been the same thing for as long as you can remember. The cell block looks similar to a prison the one merger difference is that there there are no bars the doors and walls of the cells are made of some kind of clear glass or plastic maby. The clear walls make it easier for the guards and cameras to watch you the lights are never fully turned off the blinding wight lights are switched to the red lights at night. The floors are white tile and the sounds of the guard’s shoes eco throw the space. There are multiple hallway but you are only aware of your hall and the two rows of neat cells all containing one person each.You look at the back wall of your cell this is the only wall in any cell that is not see throw its made of concrete panted white, and you are reminded again of the rules. As they are on a paper on the back wall of every cell. You don’t need to know how to read to understand what the paper says it’s repeated over and over again by the guards and Doctors.

Rules for subjects

1. Subject will follow all instructions given.
2. Subjects will not talk back to the adults
3. Subject will not talk with each other
4. No unauthorized use of your abilities
Failure to follow the rules can result in punishment and termination of a subject.

Subject the term seams wrong but it’s normal for you.you have never been the bond the cells the only other place you see on a regular basis is the laboratory. Will you fight or will you become the solder they want?

Game information
Players can play as staff or test subjects.
Staff is broken down into Doctors, nurses, and guards.

Test subjects are broken down into alfa and beta classification.

The only difference between an alfa and beta subject is how powerful or rare the subject’s ability is. A subjects classification will be left up to the play; however subjects designations can be changed several times by the Laboratory staff throw out the course of the game.

Subjects can not melt or break the door or walls of the cells; it doesn’t matter what their ability is.

Subject can be no younger the 8 years and no older then 16 years.

No godmoding and be respectful to all players.

The basic idea of this game is to lead up to a fight between the doctors of Chimera and the test subjects. As for who will win that will depend mainly on the players perhaps Chimera finds a way to control the minds of the test subjects before they can rally and defeat them. Perhaps there subjects will defeat them though not all subjects have to be agent Chimera so thought that do fight may never stand a chance.

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