OOC - Formal Greetings!

Hi everyone,

Just realized I got called out in the update so I figured I'd actually say hi in a more proper way.

Soooo hi! I am Turk, as Chris has noted I used to be kicking around here as part of Rouge Moon but unfortunately had to drop out due to that 'real life' thing. But I'm back! Though maybe not better than ever, I guess time will tell. I'm currently only a part of the Avengers: Exodus game (shoutout to the excellent Mod Squad of Esimed, Winters, and Blitzen) I am also the mod of my own JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Game, which I put on hold because it got busy with that real life thing. However if people are interested in learning/playing a JJBA game, please let me know! I'd be happy to let you all become addicted.

In regards to proper intros, I love writing an underdog (I'm all about the STRUGGLE), I love making characters but please know I try to join games that I know I can reasonably write for as I don't want to leave people hanging on posts because my life gets crazy. I'm very excited to write alongside all of you and I've really enjoyed my time reading through everything thus far!

--Happy adventuring,


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