OOC - The Simming Endeavor: Episode 6 (Change)

Well damn its quiet on here of late. Where did everyone go? No games being advertised, no intriguing questions about collaborative writing etiquette just updates on the Simming Endeavor for weeks now. And here is another :


I have to admit that I am thrilled by the latest turn of events. Thrust into a parallel universe the crew of the Endeavor remember nothing of their past lives or the vast technology they had at their finger tips. 19th Century London is their new reality with Queen Vic on the throne and Jack the Ripper stalking the night.

The level has writing has upped a gear and so has the intrigue as pacts are formed behind the scenes and contestants are becoming very strategic about the flow of narrative and thrust of the plot. Its amazing how much tension you can feel oozing through the Discord channel, those moments of furtive private chat to dissect the latest turn of events or line of chatter. Charles created a monster and I love it.

I hope you guys are reading along and enjoying the show and I do encourage you to comment on the Blog as a great deal of effort has been made in creating the Game Show and we are privileged to be hosting it.

See you all In-Game


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