OOC - Clarion Call

I know I know, three posts in a row about the Simming Endeavour. Largehobbit shut up already and go write posts for some of your games will you!! and I will. In fact I'll go right from here and close the latest round of Story Forge before Marco throws something heavy at me, but before I do...

Our small corner of the Simming world currently has a massive floodlight on it. Not only do we have a group of talented writers from around the world competing in a competition on our site we also have their various communities looking on and paying some attention to what we have here on OW.

We have a fantastic opportunity to increase the reach and reputation of OW and perhaps pick up some new talented writers for out games while we are at it. I just want to challenge the community that I love and believe in to throw some comments onto the Blog posts and individual posts where they are marked up as OOC Discus.

More than anything I want the competitors in Endeavour to remember their time on OW and more importantly to remember the welcome they received. Ok that's me off my soap box now :)

I'll go an judge my Story Forge posts :)

If anyone has any questions about the Simming Endeavour then I am more than happy to answer them :)


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