OOC - The Simming Endeavor: Episode 4 (Humor)

Phew! After skipping an update last week due to extreme work travel I am back and raring to go. I apologise to my fellow OW writers for any disruption to my normal writing commitments and will try to get caught up now work has calmed down a touch. On the bright side my travels did take me to Edinburgh where I got to sit and write a few posts in the Elephant House, birthplace of Harry Potter!!

Anyway back to the competition. We are now down to a crew of nine with Ray Colon being the latest character to depart from the crew. Like Lieutenant Sokir before him Ray has been kidnapped by Balok an ally of the Romulan Empire and brother of my own happy go lucky Space Hobbit *cough* I mean Linnik Bolak.


Meanwhile on the Endeavor the crew were challenged to write a piece of humorous satire. A challenge which I answered with my own holodeck mash up of the Kobayashi Maru, inspired by the scene from Wrath of Khan.

The competition is heating up now and the voting comments are becoming interesting to read as people put aside their random number generators and start telling us what they really think.

I hope you are all enjoying the show and reading along as we enter the Nebula. Charles has put a hell of a lot of work into this and it will be a real achievement to complete!!


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