Recruitment Drive: Nefritia!

Come one, come all! Nefritia, the prime horrorshow of Ongoing Worlds is looking for more players! Looking for a new game but tired of the same old same old? Nefritia promises a strange and horrific ride through a world built to drive its inhabitants to the brink of madness and death!

In Nefritia, the player characters wake up with no memories beyond their names in a world where terror and death lurks around every corner. Will you survive? And if you do... What will you find out about yourself?

After a few players departed or ghosted, I found myself with a surplus of orphaned characters. Though this has happened before, and creative disposal of abandoned characters has become a bit of a staple, I was going to put 3 of them up for adoption. Blitzen has already claimed one of them, however, so 2 characters are up for adoption!

Alyssa - a blue haired young adult girl, she has not yet been characterized much so remains open to interpretation.

Brian - A sturdy, hardheaded man, bald and tattooed, who likes to try and assume a leadership role.

If anyone wants to claim either character, leave a message here, mail me at, or apply with one of the character names in the description.

This is also a good moment to enter with an original character, so don't hesitate to jump in!

Nefritia awaits...

(rated R for violence, gore, swearing, scary images, and fun)

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