OOC - Game Idea Pitch!

Okay, so first of all, I'm new here, been on this site less than a year, so hey everybody! Some of you may know me from the two games I'm in, and probably know I'm a pretty okay writer, and thats cool!

Anyway, in the real world I just got dealt a double whammy of mandatory overtime and college! So at the time of this writing, my brain is both fried and operating on all cylinders, and I had this idea that I wasn't sure anyone had enacted yet for a game, and I can't seem to take sleep until I get it out of my head, so here we go!

Ready Player One

If you read the book, then you know there's a lot more that happens than what the movie gives, which is pretty typical of cinema but whatevs! The movie wasn't half bad (cue contentious screaming and pitchforks).

My idea was this:

Everyone makes an avatar to play in the Oasis, one year before the events of the book occur (cause lets be real, book or movie the battle is something we want to get in on). All our posts are set in the Oasis and written through the experiences of ourselves as our avatars, and we have some adaptive, flexible pbp fun! The setting provides for respawning and being almost anything really, plus we get to explore all our favorite video game settings and scenarios we never get to see elsewhere! GDI vs UNSC in a real time strategy battlefields! Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age heroes battling monsters together! Rainbow Six style engagements on Battlefield size maps with vehicles in the mix and PUBG daredevils dropping in as wildcards! Titanfall pilots whipping Call of Duty soldiers! Social areas with digital cafes and diners!

If you're sold, great! Problem is, guess who absolutely can't moderate games right now!!!

So, like the title suggests, this is more just an idea pitch, if any mods think "Hey... this might actually be a lot of fun..."

Great! Invite me! Cause otherwise this is staying an idea that needed to get out of my head so I can get some damn sleep at o' four thirty hours!!!

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