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Rune Seer


Dyvia looked at the apparent new member of their group, then walking up to him," Oh you'll get your fill of excitement with this lot. I am Dyvia and I happen to be one of the more sane members."

Erik nodded at the man," You seem to suffer from something, anything we should know before we attempt to move along?"

Jorrik held a middle finger up at the backs of the Legionnaires as they rode away.

"Well met, Dyvia. You already seem better than those bullies. As for my eyes..." He paused, clearly uncomfortable.

"Ever since I was a boy I could see these runes. No one else could. I never knew what it meant. Never had the chance to." He sucked in a breath.

"The important thing is that I'm not dangerous. I won't hurt anyone, if that's what you're worried about."

That caught Luna’s attention.” Where do you see them, that ancient magic from before ranger rock ” Luna said. Put an arm over her eyes to protect them from the sun.

"Do you mean Ragnarok? There was magic before Ragnarok?" Jorrik's eyes widened.

"I thought tales of a time before Ragnarok were mere stories told by mothers so their brats fell asleep easier." He could see an ancient form of magic? Why could only he see it? He felt like the more he knew the more questions he had.

"It appears over certain objects, certain people I pass on the street, even in trails leading to certain locations. I don't know why though..."

Jorrik held his shield up so Luna was standing in a perfect circle of shade. "Maybe we should start moving, before another patrol picks us up. Which way, are we heading?"

"Well we were going to Treno for supplies and information before heading north." Majvoc said, "But I guess that is out now unless you know a way through the army and into the City that plan is now a dud."

They started to walk as they discussed their options and Tiella realised Kespin was not following.

"Kespin will you get out of that damned bush." she called out, "They are gone."

Balar turned to Jorrik, "Do you know of any settlements in the Elmir Moutains where we could go to instead? I have never been further than Treno."

"It would be nice to see those mountains, I hear dwarves are starting to mine them again. You know anything about that?"

Dyvia, still bothering Tiella about her knife, was still interested in a place to go if she didn't want to stay.

Erik was still wary about the newcomer how ever, something seemed off about him. Breathing out a heavy sigh, he passed it off as paranoia given the latest events. He instead opted to help Tiella look for Kespin.

"Rune see-er?" Kespin whispered to himself listening from the bush he was hiding in.
"A Jotun, a Shadow talker, and now a Rune see-er?"

He jumped suddenly out of his thoughts when he heard Tiella's voice calling out to him. When he popped out of the bush he noticed they had started their journey without him.

"Oh no you don't!" he called to the group, "You can't leave without me!"

"Due north it is then." Balar agreed. "If dwarves are settling in the Elmir range we should catch sign of their trade routes."

"We salvaged enough from the wagon ruins to keep us going for a while." Tiella added.

They veered to the north as the day wore on. Several more Legion patrols passed them by but Jorrick was able to keep them at bay once they saw the golden wheel emblazoned on his shield.

"Are there many human settlements north? I haven't traveled this way in a long time."

Erik looked at their newest companion. He still couldn't shake his feeling, even after several days of traveling.

"I don't remember there being many big ones, but they had made several minor towns if I recall."

Dyvia broke his concentration as she hurried to catch up to the giant.

"It's completely slipped my mind with all of the trolls and shit, but I never asked what weapon you had."

Erik walked quietly for a time before responding.

"It's Jotun made."

"Do you have more? I've never seen Jotun craftsmanship before!"

Dyvia was ecstatic with this, first a blood devouring blade and now Jotun forged weapons.

"No... This is it."

Would you know where there is more, I'm sure your kind has many-"

Erik turned his head to glare down at her.

" This hammer... This hammer is the last Jotun forged weapon in all of Midgard."

He continued walking, leaving a startled Dyvia to be caught up to by the others.

"I have heard rumours of Dwarvish settlements in the mountains northwards. Are your kind welcoming to outsiders?" Jorrik asked Dyvia.

He pulled his cloak around him in an attempt to keep out the cold. It didn't work. For the past few days, his new companions were a welcome change from the Legion, eccentric as some of them were. Gods knew how their paths had crossed. That giant though, he kept giving him the stink-eye. Jorrik made sure his sword was always within reach, just in case Erik tried anything. Not that it would do much good against that hammer... He hoped it wouldn't come to that.

Jorrik searched for any tracks of any recent travelers on the ground, then looked for high ground to see for any sign of settlements.

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