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Legion of Sol


Tiella watched the exchange between the old man and the giant with amusement. Eventually Erik came lumbering back over, his impatience showing through. Tiella spoke.

"So you were asking about the City?" Tiella said.

"Yes." Erik replied glancing over at the old man who was now skipping alongside them like a young girl.

"Treno is a border city, they are tolerant of other races."

"Even Jotun?" Erik asked doubtfully.

"Well I..."

"Movement ahead." Balar cried out and they all peered forward to see the dust rising from horses moving at speed. Moving towards them.

"Ooooh, a welcoming party?" Kespin commented. "How did they know we were on our way? My reputation precedes us I believe."

Erik looked in agitation as he watched the horse riders charge forward.

"Can't there be a day without war."

He looked at Balar, who was getting his axe in hand, while beside him, Majvok had already notched an arrow. Crumpling the kite-thing, he held his hammer in both hands and took a stance, ready to charge.

"By the gods, can't we ever get a break?" Dyvia stood next to Erik, warhammer in hand as well.

"You look like you have the right idea."

Kespin looks over at the side of the road.

"There it is!" He ran over and started talking to a bush. "I've been looking for you alllll morning."

The party glanced over to watch him hop into the bush. Moving branches to conceal himself to the point where he is almost invisible.

The party stood ready as the riders approached. There we around twenty of them, all armed and armoured.

"Oh crap." Majvok said as he saw the golden wheel embossed on their shields.

"Is that?" The Tiella started to ask and Balar spat out the answer.

"The bloody Legion of Sol."

The warrior brought their mounts to a halt before the group and drew their swords.

"what manner of gathering is this?" called out their leader.

"Just passing through." Balar answered.

"Is the beast tame?" the warrior asked. Erik growled at the insult and Balar winced.

"He is a friend."

The warriors spoke between themselves for a time while the party waited nervously.

"You approach the siege of Treno." the man announced at last. "I am Captain Falon of the third Legion if Sol. If you offer aid you are welcome allies. if not..." He left the implications of that hanging.

"What is the plan cause if it doesn't involve helping them, I will be more than happy to send them flying." Erik despised those who considered him a lesser creature.

"I don't like the idea of joining a bunch of self righteous knights to high off their own piss." Dyvia had heard of these men, she considered them all foolish fanatics.

Luna stepped forward. “ We will not join you. We are travelling north and only wish to stop and resupply” Luna said glaring at them. She did not welcome those who served Sol.

Majvoc lowered his bow and raised his hands as the Legionnaires readied weapons.

"Hold on." he cried out, "Wait wait wait!"

Captain Falon edged forward, "Speak quickly man, we must conclude this business and return to the siege."

"Let me just confer with my companions please."

Majvoc turned to the group, "People listen to me." he spoke slowly, "This is the scouting group for a... Legion, of warriors. Those warriors sit between ourselves and the city. A Legion, that is one thousand angry men, elves and dwarves with swords."

"Are you saying we should join with these fools?" Dyvia asked.

"No I am simply suggesting that while you are all very brave and very capable we should perhaps avoid making an entire Legion of zealots angry with us."

"He has a point." Tiella agreed.

Dyvia for once had to appreciate Majvok and his mind. "As much as I hate these zealous draft horses, I agree with the thief for once."

Erik only growled in agreement, setting his hammer down.

“That would be brilliant except they and the shadows don’t get along, they are pretty dumb though.” Luna whispered quietly.

Not quiet enough for one of the mounted soldiers however and he glanced down sharply upon hearing the insult.


For someone who'd spent a lot of his life fighting, Jorrik was getting pretty sick of this mercenary gig.

These light-worshipping nutcases had promised good coin for joining their 'cause', but what had they done? Rode around the countryside for days, hassling anyone not following laws they'd never heard of. Jorrik had seen battle many times, and this wasn't what he'd been promised. Here he stood, in the cold, arguing with travellers.

"Who're ya calling dumb?" He shouted, jostling to the front line. He found the source of the insult, a young girl. Heh, didn't even look like she'd swung a sword in her life.

Luna turned on the stranger. “Your hearing is Better than most, I’m Luna” she said simply. Hopefully he did not see the moon carved into her silver staff.

"Helps to keep me alive. Take care who you insult when..." Jorrik trailed off as a multitude of runes flickered around the blue-haired girl's head. He hadn't seen this many gathered together in months. What could they mean? Curse the gods, he needed to find a magic-user who could decipher these damned lights.

"When... when you're outnumbered. I am Jorrik, son of Jorrik, son of Jorrik." He felt the eyes of his whole squad on him.

Luna walked up to him. The wind picked up and blew her silver hair. "What happened just now, your eyes did something funny have you been touched by some kind of magic?” she asked.

Erik watched the man, curious in his speech.

Leaning close to Balar," The man has something about him, he seems to see that Luna is a magic user."

He had watched his eyes lock on to the elf with a grim intent, though what for he didn't know.

"Greetings Jorik, I am Erik, son of Jolfgir. We merely request to pass through this area without injury. We have no quarrel with your people."

Balar watched the exchange with interest. The stranger might be just what they needed to diffuse the situation. He dropped his axe into its loop and stepped forward.

"Perhaps you might vouch for us with your captain here. We have no wish to fight in a siege but we vow not to interfere either."

He realised there was no good reason for the man to agree. God's he wouldn't if the tables were turned, but there was just something about the way he looked at Lina that made him risk the request.

"Well met Erik, son of Jolfgir." Jorrik shook hands with the giant, feeling how small his hand was compared to Erik's. He leaned in and muttered, "these are not my people, but alas bread isn't as cheap as it used to be." He nodded to his shield, where the golden wheel of the Legion of Sol had been sloppily painted, as if in a hurry.

He turned to Luna, then blinked hard in an effort to dispel some of the runes. It didn't work. "With the utmost respect, I'd need to know you more before I discuss such matters. The last time I did it..." He looked down at his muddy boots. "It didn't go so well."

Balar barked a laugh, "Well if you want to get to know us better, perhaps encouraging your employers not to kill us all might make for a good start. What do you say?"

“I wield shadow magic, there is nothing you could tell me that would be a surprise.” she whispered. She had to stand on her toes to get close enough to him. She had to be careful. His campaigns would lose there minds if they know what she was.

Jorrik eyed up Balar as he walked forwards. He was a warrior all right - the way he held himself, seemingly casual but to a trained eye the ready combat stance was obvious. His eyes settled on the amulet around his neck, and the runes that danced around them in a neat circle. This many runes, in one day... This had to be a sign of some kind.

"Well, sir," he began, scratching his beard. "I could certainly put in a good word for you." He leaned in closer and dropped his voice. "However, in return I ask of you a favour. I grow weary of these Legionnaires. They promised me gold and glory yet all we have done for nearly a week is harass people such as yourself. Let me come with you. Another sword and shield can't hurt, can it?" He stuck out his hand.

Balar took the man's hand gladly, though he was certain the man would change his mind once he discovered thier true business. Although he had not even blinked upon hearing Lunas whispered revelation so perhaps not.

"Well met." Balar said and then indicating the group around him. "And done."

"This is all very touching Jorrik," said the Legion Captain, "but will you vouch for these travellers or not?"

Jorrik inhaled sharply. Perhaps this Luna, this magic user could help him. Or at least know a sorcerer who could explain what these runes mean.

"As soon as we're away from the Legion I shall explain all I know." He whispered back to Luna.

He turned to the Legion, raising his voice. "Look at them, Captain. They're not going to hurt anyone. If they meant any harm, would they not have attacked us on sight?" An idea stuck Jorrik, and he silently thanked the gods. "What if I escorted them back to HQ, make sure they get properly enrolled for the upcoming siege? That you can continue your patrol and we gain several new recruits at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone."

“Can we get moving the sun burns” Luna asked.

"Then wear the cloak the giant offered you." Quipped Majvok rolling his eyes. "Tiella she listens to you talk some sense into her!"

The Legion Captain shook his head in bewilderment, "They are all yours Jorrik.. we will see you back at camp."

And with that the scouts rode off leaving the mercenary to guide them.

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