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OOC - Tales of the ocean- game idea

(BTW welcome back Largehobbit, good to see you are alive and well.)
Okay, I had a an idea for a game, you know how merfolk(Mermaids and Mermen) have the bottom half of a fish, so I started wondering what if I just started making the bottom half a different sea creature, than that's when I got an idea. What if I make a game that's about a mystical ocean, not a pirate game, but more like a sea folk game, with Atlantis, sea monsters, different types of Merfolk, etc. I wanted you guys to know and have your say on it. (Lately I've been more open to my ideas, before I was more or less too shy,) The name of the game I decided was going to be called Tales of the Ocean. So what do you guys think?

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